Wide Base Water Dish - Square

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Wide-base water bowl great for outdoor tortoises. We have been using these dishes for years in our outdoor enclosures and have loved them. The wide base makes it impossible for the tortoises to flip them over or even tip them (even a person stepping on the edge of them doesn't flip them over). They are made from a UV stabilized plastic so they will hold up for years in direct sun while remaining very light in weight. In windy areas, these bowls stay put better than others because the wide base repels the wind (our feeding trays will blow around sometimes, but these bowls don't move). These bowls are 11" square on the inside, with about a 14.25" base on the outside dimension. 

Because of the depth of 1.75", these are best used for tortoises that are 4" or larger in size. Small babies will have a hard time getting in or out of the bowls. 

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