We guarantee every tortoise’s health for 7 days from the time of receipt. In that time, they will eat and act normally. It is your responsibility to make sure you are ready to purchase a tortoise, and your responsibility to have a proper setup ready when he or she arrives. Research should already be done prior to the order; not after you receive the tortoise. We cannot possibly "scan" and verify the setup of every customer we sell to. 

It is your responsibility to provide a valid address and to be home to accept arrival on the first delivery attempt. We can't guarantee a tortoise that you weren't there to accept, left on a doorstep, or sent to an address that does not exist. Before any refund or replacement is considered, the UPS/FedEx tracking number will be checked to assure that you were home for the arrival, and that the address provided was a valid useable address. We will back up a loss due to UPS or due to weather, but not due to the customer's inability to accept delivery. We have had problems with this recently, and can no longer replace animals that sat on a doorstep all day, or that were sent to a vacant lot.

In the rare event of a DOA or an animal loss within the 7 day guarantee period, a replacement or refund will be given, assuming all conditions for replacement are met (see above). We will ultimately decide whether a replacement or a refund is offered, depending on the situation and availability of a replacement animal. We will require proof and the return of a deceased animal, so don't get rid of it just yet. Any and all shipping charges are non refundable, as they would be with any other company. With any return shipments, shipping is to be paid for by the customer. We do not guarantee "replaced" animals for any reason. In the rare event that a replacement does not do well, we are not responsible (we won't keep replacing animals that have already been replaced). Some people are apparently not meant to keep tortoises. 


We cannot guarantee the sex of any baby tortoise. The older an animal is, the more accurate we can be.

All animals being offered for sale are captive bred and born (CBB). Imported (wild caught) tortoises, if ever offered, will be clearly labeled as such. We do not normally deal with many imported tortoises because of the quarantine areas required, and the health problems involved with some wild caught species.

All tortoises sold at reptile shows or conventions are NOT guaranteed. You are free to choose the healthiest one you see, but we can’t control how long it’s in transit to its new home, or the temperatures and conditions involved in that process (example: in a hot parked car after the show). We also do not guarantee animals sold in wholesale quantities at a discounted price beyond a live arrival. 

All prices are firm, and will not be negotiated. If you are buying multiple tortoises, you can ask for better pricing, but it will ultimately depend on availability.

We do not cover vet bills that are not authorized by us beforehand. Many (most) vets have little experience with tortoises, and many will give innacurate information and treatment routine because of it (we never give injections to baby tortoises, for example, but almost every vet will, and the tortoise will die almost every time). We will absolutely not give a 'blank check' for vet bills. If a problem comes up within our 7 day guarantee, contact us for help, or to organize the possible return of the animal. We can solve many common problems ourselves with little or no cost, and we have a vet here in Las Vegas that is very experienced with tortoises if it becomes needed. 

The stated sizes of the animals on our site (shown on each page of the available animals) are straight shell lengths, NOT including heads or feet sticking out. If you are very concerned about an exact size, you can always ask for an exact size. If we have a group that ranges from 2" to 2.5", we will often label them as 2"+ size, meaning these tortoises could be bigger than exactly 2".

Captive bred tortoises from us can be assumed to be parasite free. Wild caught tortoises from us should not be assumed to be completely parasite free. We almost always do a realistic amount of parasite work on them in the time they're with us, but certain parasites that come in with wild caught tortoises are very hard to get rid of completely.

Young adult tortoises (captive bred or not) and tortoises raised in a farm setting (typically from European farms) are not guaranteed to be parasite free, as any tortoise living in outdoor conditions can and will occasionally pick up a parasite just from nature (birds being in the pens, etc). In a low stress setting, these don't typically create any problems. We preventatively treat our tortoises annually to remove most or all of these, but we still cannot guarantee tortoises other than babies to be completely parasite free without extensive and sometimes expensive testing of each animal. 

All tortoises can be held up to one week from date of full payment. We do not take deposits, partial payments, or do payment plans.

We reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone, for any reason, at our discretion. This includes someone we do not feel is ready to commit to daily tortoise care.

All sales are final and there are no refunds for impulse purchases.

We do not give shipping refunds for late overnight shipments. Our third party shipping company does not guarantee refunds to us (in exchange for much better shipping rates). 



All tortoises under 4" are sold for scientific or educational purposes only. It is the buyer's responsibility to know the laws in their particular state regarding the keeping of tortoises. We will not knowingly break any laws in selling or shipping you a tortoise; please don't ask us to do so.