Beginning in 2019, we have been racing a California-based off road series called DP4 Racing ( in a Tortoise Supply sponsored car (Polaris RZR Turbo S4). We race in the production turbo class and after missing the first two rounds, have been trying to play catch up the rest of the season. We travel down from Las Vegas with a half dozen other Nevada-based teams and set up together at the races to help each other out and to keep the California teams from having an easy clean sweep at their hometown races.

Codriver for 2019 was my friend Bryce Wolfe for his unique ability to change a tire faster than I can get out of the car. We picked up sponsors Raceline Wheels and Desert Whips for 2019.

Photos and race results below, click photos to expand: 

Round 3 - June 8, 2019 in Ridgecrest, CA

Crashed out after hitting a large rock at high speed and breaking a suspension part. We welded the part and got running again, but had lost two hours in the process and became irrelevant in the race.

Round 4 - July 20th "Night Race" in Barstow, CA
Very rocky course that started an hour before dark, the bulk of this race took place at night. We ran steady and consistent laps maintaining about 3rd or 4th overall through most of the race (first or second in our class) despite having three flat tires during the race. On the final lap, we were 60 seconds down from the lead in our class, so we made a fast dash at the end to take the lead and won our class by less than 1 minute in a 6 hour race. This was the longest race of the year at 180 miles. We ended up first in class and second overall. Two thirds of the cars in this race didn't finish under their own power.

Round 5 - September 7, 2019 in Johnson Valley, CA
Fun and fast course, we started 12th in line and finished the first lap in third in physical position and second place on corrected time. We had a drive belt break on the second lap and again on the third lap, putting us 11 minutes behind the leader in our class. The fourth lap and fifth lap we made a mad dash to catch up, and ended up finishing 90 seconds behind our friend and Nevada teammate Taylor Davis, but we had started two minutes behind her so we got the win on corrected time, and fourth place overall. We had the fastest lap of the day in all classes on our fifth lap. For in-car race action from Round 5 CLICK HERE.