These are actual e-mails we have received from our customers over the years. We removed last names to keep them private.

Since we switched sites, we are looking for more feedback and for past customers to rate our products on this new site. If you have purchased in the past, please go to the product pages and give a rating to the product(s) you bought. Thanks! 


Hi Tyler, Just wanted to let you know that the little boy arrived safely. He is definitely a boy. The girls were excited to see him. Thanks again for all of your help.


Hey, I got my Ibera Greek Tortoise in earlier today. He's so beautiful. I love the markings on his back. He's also very active! Way more active than my box tortoise! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again for all the help you gave me while ordering it.


Hi Sarah its me Maria. I received Micah at 9:30 this morning. I love him hes so cute and active thank you so much!


Tortoise received. Arrived on time. Gorgeous animal. Would you be able to provide me with the foods you were providing it and feeding cycle?


The tortoises were delivered this morning around 11:45 they are both alive and eating. I was wondering if it is okay if i house the yellowfoot and redfoot together? It was nice dealing with Tortoise supply. Thank you!


Thank you, we are so happy with the little one, he is moving around and very alert, you made a good choice on this one! Thank you again!


Our two baby redfoot tortoises arrived this last Tuesday in Alaska after a Monday shipment. They have both settled in well to the new tortoise habitat we built for them. Thanks to the incredible packaging (and unseasonably warm mid-30's temps in Alaska) they seemed to be feeling great when they arrived, and have been exploring their new digs! Thanks again! You guys have a great business going.


Received the Russian last week... Didn't know she would arrive with her own heating pad. That was most impressive. She's a feisty tort. Walked in and right away started demanding zuchinni and collards. Don't know whether to name her Natasha or Rutabaga. Thanks for a healthy animal.


Tyler, She did come early, but my dad rushed home to bring her inside. Shes so cute! (I'm pretty sure shes a girl). If i ever buy another tortoise it will sooo be from this Tortoise Supply place. THANKKSSS


We bought a pair of medium size redfoots at the Pomona, Ca. show. They have settled in with our other tortoises--- Sulcata and ornate box turtle. They are healthy and tame and they are pretty cool. We are very happy with them.


We got him and he is adorable!!! Hopefully he will do well with us. My son is very excited! Thank you!


Tyler, Just wanted to let you know the tortoise arrived safe and sound. He looks good and appears to have handled the trip ok. Thanks again for everything.


Thank you soo much! I love shopping from your website I always get a immediate response and I know the products I get from you always make it! Very trustworthy website! Thanks soo much!


Hi Tyler, Just wanted to let you know that the tortoise arrived safe and sound. The moment I put her into the enclosure she began eating and drinking water with no hesitation. Everything is looking good. Thanks again!


Thanks so much for the tortoise he made it safe! He was pretty shy at first and didn't move much but he is eating now. He is very good looking thank you so much. I love his colors!


Hello, I wanted to let you know I had received my little baby sulcata's on Tuesday. They are so adorable! I wanted to thank you for sending them. I will take good care the. As a matter of fact, my husband has also fallen in love with the two little guys and is already mapping out the back yard for hi next job of creating a nice place for them in the summer! I did tell him it would be a while before they get really big but that's okay, as long as he's as excited as I am about it I'm not going to discourage him! Thanks again!


Hi Tyler, Received the ET @ 10:27am est. Already eating cucumbers. I'm very pleased. I'm looking forward for future dealing with your company. Thank You.


Sarah and Tyler Stewart of Tortoise Supply, I received my new babies at nine this morning and I have them all settled in. The Red foot is very active and little yellow is more mellow and both are extremely healthy and beautiful I could not be more pleased. You will be receiving my next order shortly. Thank you so much for the information on care. And many more thanks for raising such special wonderful babies. Best Regards,


I recieved my leopard tortoise in good time and in very good condtion. He is so cute, we love him. I named him Apollo. Thank you so much!  


Hello, Just wanted to let you know that the little yellowfoot arrived in great shape and was eating right after a nice soak. Heat pack was still warm and all was good. He/she is just beautiful and I cant tell you how pleased I am with your service and tortoises... Thanks so much, and I hope to do buisness again with you.


Hello, Tyler, my MAN! The two tortoises arrived a few minutes ago, and they both are beautiful!! You and your wife should be proud to produce such specimens!! I loved the little shipping bags! I used similar bags when I bred an endangered species of python (Indian) in the early 80's (produced around 60 babies, mostly to zoos and professionals), which was very fulfulling. I hope this endeavour that you do is just as good. Captive breeding is the only way! You know, I may try to go the the Reptile Exposition in Las Vegas in 2010, so maybe I can meet you there. Good luck, and have a great weekend!!
-Richard and Bev

Good morning, I wanted to send you a note to tell you that my babies (one sulcata, one red-foot) arrived yesterday morning safely. I wanted to compliment you on them. I had assumed that the would be a little shy and perhaps I would have to work on getting them to eat, etc. after the trip. They both came out of their little containers raring to go. They are very active, alert, inquisitive, and unafraid. It's wonderful to see and I attribute it directly to your care. My husband and I just got back from Saudi Arabia, where I spent my time rescuing tortoises (while my husband worked). I have seen most all horrible conditions for tortoises and spent a lot of time with a broken heart over their treatment. It is truly wonderful to see the obvious care of these babies. Thank you. In any case, my compliments to you both and a heartfelt thanks for these wonderful babies.



The tortoise arrived here a few hours ago and seems really healthy. Hes already eaten a good amount and has been real energetic. Thank you so much for making sure he got here safely!


Hey Tyler- I received the Indian Star and he looks great! I am warming him up now and will soak him soon! Thanks so much for everything!


Hi Tyler, The yellowfoot arrived in good shape, soaked him a bit and he is now in with my baby cherryhead. Thanks.


Hi Tyler, Just a little note to let you know the big boy arrived safe and sound this morning about 9:30AM. He was real frisky and crawled everywhere…he ate like there was no tomorrow and then dropped about four big bombs, man that guy could poop….since lunch time he has been pretty quiet and has not moved around much. He is not sleeping, just kind of laying prostrate on the floor of my office. Our office dog has not left his side since his arrival. He has not even wanted to go out to pee or poop. He has not even eaten…he is captivated by the Big boy. I will take him home this evening and introduce him to his kin folks. I am sure everything will be fine…I think he is worn out from the trip and just checking everything out here…He has had a good appetite and exercise today… Thanks again! 


Hey Tyler! Our Hermann's tortoise arrived this morning and he looks fantastic! A lot smaller than I expected but still a beautiful animal. We soaked him in warm water for 15 minutes and he seemed to be fine. He is well adjusted to his cage and is exploring it to his hearts content. Thank you so much! Sincerely


Just wanted to let you know that we received our package around 9:30am our time this morning. He seems to be doing fine, is interested in eating, and enjoying the hide box. Thanks again for your help, it was a happy surprise for my husband. Sincerely


Hello! Received our redfoot today. He was in good spirits... immediately active. He enjoyed a long soak (his choice), followed by some collard greens and a warm nap. We've decided to name him Rommel. Thank you for the cute lil dude!


I just wanted to let you know we made it home just fine!! Our new family member is the cutest thing EVER! We just love him/her already. We named it Donatello, and she (maybe) ate a huge pile of organic greens last night and again this afternoon, so things are going well. I hope the rest of the show went well for you, it was so nice to meet you both. We will keep you updated with pics along the way! P.S your torts looked better than everyone else’s at the show, just thought you might like to hear that from a buyers perspective. I was glad to see you didn't have them all pre-packaged. Take care.


Hi, Just a note to let you know my tortoise arrived at 10-15a.m. this morning,Thursday. I am most pleased with it and he is awake and looks well. Thanking you.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know he arrived in perfect condition today. He is so adorable and I want to thank you for your outstanding service. You are a great breeder and wonderful company,I hope to do buisness with you again. 


Tyler; My daughter is trilled with the Redfoot Tortoise and its doing great and eating right away. You weren't kidding when you wrote how nice the Redfoot is. We are very happy and the her friends are all asking to get one:) Regards


Hey Tyler! The Sulcata came today at 9:40 and looks great! Thank you so much for your help with ordering and the quality of the tortoise. I honestly have NEVER seen a sulcata even at that age with no pyramiding! Thanks again and I cant wait to do business with you guys again!


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Yellowfoot baby. Very nice tortoise. Thanks!


Hi Tyler, My wife just called to let me know the torts arrived in great shape. She unpacked them and put them in their new enclosure to warm up and adjust. I'll be leaving work a little early today to go home and give them a soak and see if they want to eat (there are edibles in their enclosure if they want to snack in the mean time). Thanks again and I'll let you know if I have any questions.


Hi, My friend and I went to the San Diego reptile show a week ago. after visiting all the booths, we felt that you guys provided them with the most spacious environment on the show and most care. your tortoises are beautiful! oh, and have all the babies come out of the eggs yet? :) Cheers,
-Peta & Golun


Hello, I wanted to thank you for my baby sulcata. He/she is absolutely perfect and is very energetic. He arrived today at 10:30 am my time. It took him about 2 hours to warm up to his new surroundings. Thank You.


Received cute baby sulcata today in good health, my daughter is ecstatic……THANKS!


The Leopard Tortoise arrive in great shape, very active. That will about do it for my tortoises wants. At 65 I am finally going to enjoy my passion which I have had for many years. What a great way to spend the Fall of my life. I know, I know, they will all outlive me but I have told my children what needs to be done. Hopefully I will have at least 20 years enjoying them. I will be ordering substrate again soon. Thank you for the wonderful service and your extremely healthy tortoises.


Thank You very much for all you have done. I recieved the tortoise on Thursday around 9ish and he is doing great. He is not very active he just digs into his bedding. I still have a lot to learn about him and I hope Im doing a good job. I keep a light on in the day time and at night turn it off while a heat lamp is still on. I keep his bedding moist and feed him a variety of foods daily. His pellets came in today, so I will be feeding him some of that as well. Thank you!


The Red Footed Tortoise arrived safely this morning. It looked a bit like I do after a long plane ride, a bit air sick but he/she soaked and then was eager to eat. The first Red Footed Tortoise I purchased from you earlier in the year looked shocked when another tortoise was put into what it must have considered it's exclusive nursery. I have never seen such a look on a tortoise. It sure woke him up. Anyway, thank you and again all went well with out a hitch.


I received my tortoise. It is so pretty. Thank you very much!


Hello! I just wanted to let you both know that my baby Red-Foot Tortoise is doing great! I recieved him on May 13th and he has been very active and eating well. He seems very healthy! I already have an Eastern Box Turtle that I have had for 13 years now, and my 5-year-old son loves to help out with the turtles. We named our baby Red-Foot Desoto, (after the beach in Florida where me and my fiance got engaged last summer). He seems to respond to the name already! His colors are amazing and I am looking forward to watching him grow over the years. We love reptiles, especially turtles and tortoises, and he fits in well with our family. Thank you for the fast service!


The two babes arrived today. That midget is a charmer, as is the other babe. Thanks for such good service. I will definitely purchase again.


Tyler, Got our new babies this morning and wanted to give you a BIG thank you! They are wonderful; already had a big drink of water and have eaten breakfast. We are so impressed with them. Well worth the money. I think we may be back to get more someday. Possibly russian torti next time. Thank you again for the excellent animals. They will be a valued and admired part of our family for a very long time!
-Launa and Justin


Hooray!!! This is so exciting. Thanks very much, Tyler. You've been outstanding from a customer service angle. I wish you great success. I'll email tomorrow to let you know "she's" here safe and sound. Thanks for the vitamin recommendation and the link. And thanks for being so discrete. It IS a surprise for my wife! She'll meet her tortoise on Saturday (tortoise is going to grandma and grandpa's house tomorrow night, where the enclosure's been assembled).

Hello Tyler - Just wanted you to know that "Clementine" ("Clem" if she turns out to be a he) arrived safe and sound Friday, has eaten, and her new Mommy, Emily was surprised and delighted to receive her. I'm sure you'll hear from Em with thanks and questions. Thank you from ME for helping me pull off a great birthday surprise!


Tyler, The tortoises arrived around 10 am. this morning. Due to inclement weather, I had to work from I was able to pick them up when they arrived at it's location. They are SO active and adorable! My 5 year old LOVES them...I love them too! Thanks!


Hey Tyler, Just got the little guy half an hour ago--safe and sound! Within 15 minutes of being in its new home, s/he began eating up the veggies I offered right in front of me, and here I was thinking the animal would be very shy at first. Anyway, thanks again for being a breeder and allowing me the opportunity to own such a majestic creature. S/he definitely has a bright future ahead!


Hello Tyler, My Red-Footed arrived at about 11:00 and he a great looking tortoise, thank you so much for the beauty, I'll definantly keep you in mind for future purchases. Once again thank you so much. 


Hi Tyler and Sarah, I just wanted to let you know that the baby redfoots (or is it redfeet? :) ) got here and they are fine. The Fedex guy arrived at about 1000 hours central time. They were a little chilly when I first took them out of the box, but after a warm bath, they were running around their new house. They have eaten a very small amount of veggies and strawberries, but seem to be more interested in exploring than food at this point. We will offer them more later. The window that they are beside faces the South, so there is sunlight filtering through most of the day (except for like today and the rain clouds are preventing it). They seem to enjoy the heat lamp which has the temperature at about 85 degrees. We have made plans to create an outdoor enclosure that will be screened on the top to keep the puppies and any wild creatures away. Later this spring and thoughout the summer they should love going out to play, although I suspect that they will be mostly indoors. We found a digital thermometer/hygrometer at the Home Depot so that we can monitor the house. Right now the plastic container is just about the right size, but we will create a larger space as it is required. Thank you so much for your kindness when I spoke with you on Saturday. It was a pleasure to meet you. Terry and I are both so excited about our new additions to the family. We have both been researching the proper care of the Redfoot Tortoise, and we found that there is a reptile specialist vet about 10 miles from our home. We are fortunate that we are located in an area that has a number of vet specialists. Congratulations again on the birth of your new son. I pray that he will be healthy and a joy to your family. Please give him and your other son a hug for me.


The star tortoise has arrived this morning. He looks gorgeous. Thank you so much. May I ask you what's the secret to keeping their shell smooth without the bumps? Most stars I have seen have really bumpy shells, and some people even said it is perfectly normal for stars to have bumpy shells. He is one of the most beautiful stars I have seen, both in person and in pictures on the internet, and I really want to make sure he stays looking great for years to come. Thank you again, and I am looking forward to getting a similarly nice looking female star from you if you will be getting any!


Little Louie arrived safe and sound...he slept for a little while and ate a little lettuce -he seems be doing great-he is beautiful - thanks for sending the picture before hand-had to show him off. Thank you.


Tyler, Thanks for all the great information, and customer service! I'm sure I will have more ?'s down the road, and it's nice to know they will be quickly answered! If I come across anyone interested in a tortoise, you can be sure I will send them your way! Thanks again, and have a wonderful week.


Hi, I just wanted to let you know the tortoises got here and they are doing great! Thanks.


Tyler, They and sound! They are precious!! They've had their soak, and are very active. The biggest decision I have to make is what to name each of them!!!!


She's beautiful and will meet her guy this evening when I put him back in the house tub- he's out now sunning at 60% and slightly nibbling. Next year he will get his first hibernation with his little bride here!. After we move I will probably want more Greeks also in addition to the Hermans & Russians. Thanking you for your utmost professionalism!


Received the tortoise it is eating already and cruzing all over. My daughter named it "Turtle" the Tortoise. Thanks. 


Hey Tyler, I just wanted to say thank you, you have been so helpfull through this entire process. I really felt like I was prepared for Herman (leopard tortoise) when I got him today and I guess he did too, he is already eating! He is flawless in every aspect and healthy as an ox! Ordering was easy and shipping was fast! He arrived just as you said, asleep, after a brief soak he was cruising all over the place. I am looking forward to getting to spend more time with him as he gets settled into his new home. Thank you,


Hi Tyler, My little leopard just arrived!! He was still warm. I soaked him just to warm him up some-and now he eating! Doesnt seem stressed at all! He is beautiful-I love his markings! Thanks again-look forward to doing business with you again! I'll send some pictures as he grows!


Thank you for your advice. I will follow it. They arrived half an hour ago. They seem in good shape and they ate. The one that was in the bottom was a little bit cold and it took her a little while to react but now she seems fine. She ate and pooped which is a good sign. Thank you again!


Tyler, Got the tort this morning, he looks great. Looks a little different than my Hermanns; longer snout, lighter colored shell, but I guess his parents must be from a different region. Thanks again for your fast service, if you have some dark colored Russian babies available this season I might be interested.


Tyler, just wanted to let you know the red foot tortoise is doing great. My wife could not believe it when she opened the X-Mas gift. He has been putting on weight since the day we got him. Thanks again for you help.


Hello Tyler and Sarah, I cannot possibly thank you enough for this gorgeous baby! Daniel and I named it LT (Leopard Tortoise). The package arrived 4 hours later than expected due to a blockage at the gate here on Grand Forks Air Force Base, but LT was okay. He was still sleeping, but now that he is in his tank under his heat lamp he will be fine. And his markings are so wonderful! I had my first tortoise 30 years ago when I was a teenager. Unfortunately he escaped from our backyard and I couldn’t find him again. Ever since I am wondering where he might have went to. Daniel and I were looking for a leopard tortoise for a long time and thanks to you we got a cute little baby. Again, thank you for everything and we will keep you posted with pics etc.


Hello again I just wanted to let you that I received the package, and just wanted to say thank you so much for everything, you were wonderful and I am so pleased with everything!


Tyler Beautiful Russian Tortoises! Thank you so much! Let me know when you have some more like them!


Hello, just to let you know that we did receive the sulcata today. I didn't realize how active they were. He's been pacing around his cage all day. Do they normally make a little squeaking sound? He makes this little sound, but I didn't know if that was just him breathing or if that was what they did. Thanks again and my daughter is so excited to get home from school.


Hi this is Jenny again. I recieved my baby sulcata today. I just wanted to say thank you sooo much. He is beautiful. We named him Bubba. My sister and I will be ordering 2 or 3 more in like two weeks. Also we will tell all our friends and family about you. I have family members that have always wanted tortoises. Well thanks again!


Hey, it's Shelby. We got him, and he's totally cool, very active and has already eaten a ton! Thanks so much, looks like u did a very good job raising and socializing him, he's very friendly already. Have a great day,


Tyler, YOU are the son I never had ... if I lived close to you, I'd come over and chop lettuce for you!!! Hee-hee! Thank you for your professionalism in this industry. I'll let you know after the torts arrive tomorrow.

Hi, Tyler! The beautiful, little cherry-heads arrived this morning safely, despite being handed to me upside down by the delivery man! They're larger than I had expected and have soaked, eaten, basked, and will now have their evening soak = easier lives than ours!!! Ha-ha! Everyone always tells me that they'd love to be one of my pets! Thank you again, Tyler, for quality torts and excellent service. Take care, and I'll be checking your website for the birth announcement ... does Hunter know if he's going to have a little brother or sister - or BOTH?!?


Just wanted to let you know that Nicky rec'd his B-day present and he was overjoyed! We have a friend that has one that is over 100 lbs so it was pretty amazing to see how small they start! He/she is eating like a champ and his having his bath right now! Thank you so much!



Tyler, I received the little guy at about 6:00 last night. UPS told me that they went thru some bad weather in SC. But he/she is doing great and very active until lights are out. And I cant thank you enough for what you've done, I believe our family is going to have a wonderful Christmas and I hope yours does too! The t-shirts are awesome, I might have to buy me one on my next order. Merry Christmas


My baby red-foots arrived safely, and they're WONDERFUL! They soaked in a warm bath and are chowing down right now. Thank you very much for providing quality torts - I love their coloring and markings.



Tyler, It's sooooo beautiful!! I don’t know if its a he or she but I’m certain its perfect. Little guy went for a drink then the hide but is active and looks the picture of health. I looked at some Russian tortoises at Petco and due to the fact they are half in hibernation and then not they don’t move, their eyes are cloudy and the color is dull, similar problems are noticeable on other web sites but with all species however yours are fantastic!!! WELL DONE! And thank you from my six years old today son Aiden. He was speechless and is beyond in love with this surprise, I’m sure I’m even more excited, I love reptiles and haven’t had a cold blooded buddy in many years so with proper care and some luck this little angel will out live me. Your biggest fan



I can't even being to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase, I just love the little turtle! He came to our door at around 11:30am. I haven't received the food yet but I am sure it is on its way. In the mean time we are just having a blast taking him outside and to the park. He ate a little bit of food I got at our local store and played in a shallow plate of water. I will be sure to continue shopping with you for food and supplies if needed. Thank you so much.



Digby (we have named it) is a very nice looking tortoise (not that I'm an expert) but from what I have seen through my research, very nice. Thanks so much for providing such wonderful pets. Digby will be cared for with all the love and care we can give. Thanks,



They are playful and moving about. You can bet when they ask me about my baby sulcata I'm going to recommend you guys, again thank you I and the children will enjoy our new additions. It was nice doing business with you.



They are alive and well!!! They were cold but I put them under the heat light so they should get nice and toasty. Thanks they look great!!!!



Tyler, thanks so much! The tortoises arrived here safely! I am thinking of names 4 them and I am so excited! They are so cute! Thanks again for all your help!



Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I got my little buddy, she/he seems to be doing well, currently chowing down on some lettuce and cantaloupe and being all cute. I think he/she just might need to warm up a bit, he seemed a little chilly. I decided to name him Koopa, because I am a nerd, and again thanks so much it was a pleasure doing business with you.



Good morning Tyler, It did arrive yesterday. Thank you very much. We put it together right away and Carlos already loves it! I'm sure he will live a very happy life in it. We will need to get him some taller branches than the ones we have but he climbed right to the top as soon as we put him in. I am very happy with your service and the quality of the cage. Again, thank you very much!



Tyler, Received sulcata baby. Have her warming up in light. She pooped first thing then she got a drink. Now she is exploring. She looks like a miniature version of adults. Thanks!



Tyler, He/she made it just fine and he's beautiful! Thank you so much!



Hi Tyler I love the babies they are gorgeous!!!! Thank you for the bargaining and most of for being a great guy to deal with and raising these healthy beautiful animals! The T Shirt is so cute too lol- mucho thanks there- I will wear it to any shows I go to!! I would have emailed sooner but I have been working on a 7'LX 13"deepX24"across custom Tortoise Table for all my babies- I just wasn't satisfied with the RubberMaid set ups. I have it divided from the sulcata and leopard babies and the other Red and Yellow foots together. For hiding spaces I use the Italian clay dome shaped pots inverted with doorways chopped out( that's the hardest part so they don't shatter) For the guys needing humidity I spray the huts and it continually releases some moisture. Have a prosperous remaining week and a fun weekend!



Hi Tyler, got the torties in yesterday, thank you! They are absolutely amazing! Soaked them and so far already had their first bite of some lettuce! Thanks again!



Hey Tyler, I appreciate your business and care for these tortoises. I have been looking around for trusted breeders and sellers online and I just could not put my trust on them. I am glad that I ran into you. Your website and your quick responses have made our decisions assured our commitment to wanting them. We are very excited and can't wait to see them! I will email you as soon as I get them! And thanks for picking the "pretty" torts my wife says! You're awesome!

-Jordan and Amy


I have received my sulcatas. They are both alive and well. My neice says they are very super cute too!!! LOL Thanks



Tyler, Received the cage on Saturday and it's put together and looks great... Now all I need is to find a great chameleon to live in it! Thanks again...



Tyler, The tortoises arrived about an hour ago and they are doing great. They are very active and friendly. I have them playing with the russian until I finish their cage today. Thanks for everything. It has been great dealing with you. Thanks



Tyler, The tortoise arrived just fine at about 9 this morning. Sorry I didn't write to you earlier, I've been trying to make the little guy feel at home. I soaked him after I opened the box (not sure he drank, but a soak couldn't hurt). I haven't seen him eat anything, but I'm not worried yet. He'll probably take a day or two to acclimate and I'll keep track of his weight to be safe. I offered him grass, clover, mulberry leaves, collard greens, dandelion greens, and marigold flowers. He's a little shy, but he looks good. Thanks again!



Hello, we received the package this morning. Actually they just left it on our porch. I thought they should have at least ran the doorbell. Oh well, we got them and they seem great. All of them ate, they then burrowed and went to sleep. They are so cute. Thanks for the care sheets and also the cactus and greens. The first two we got from you are also doing well. Thanks again,



Tyler, the yellowfoots arrived earlier today and are doing well. Thank you so much. Both have been eating up a storm all day. Thanks again



Hey thanks again for the great deal they all showed up live and doing great.



Made it in wonderful shape this morning. It's in full shed. Thanks again.



Hi Tyler, I just wanted to let you know that the chameleon has arrived safe and sound. And very feisty! He gave me a nice nip when I took him out of the container. He's gorgeous! Thanks again!



Hey Tyler, They arrived yesterday. They are outstanding! Both cages were packed together, no damages, easy instructions.... I have had hundreds of cages over the years, these are hands down the best I have seen for chams. The fit and finish looks great! I could not be happier. This guy did a great job! You can use me for a reference anytime. I should have bought my last chams from you. I wanted two screamers, so I bought a couple off of the internet. The Ambilobe was and awesome red and blue bar, UPS lost him for two days - he was DOA. I have been waiting for two days for a kick ass Sambava - USPS can't find him..... These carriers are just awful... They could care less. I read on your site that you are not offering anything right now. If you have any holdbacks or young adults you want to part with - Red bar Ambilobe w/ yellow back ground or a bright red background red or blue bar - I am very interested. Please keep me in mind for the future. I am really looking for a couple of stunners! Feel free to send any pics you may have of available possibilities. I will order two or 3 more cages from you as soon as I find the right chams. Thanks



Hi Tyler, We got our new friend this morning at 10am. My son thanks you very much — he is so excited. She looks very good — and healthy. She started eating crickets right away. Thanks again,



Hey Tyler, Got the female dwarf jackson today- thanks! She has already eaten a cricket (at least the one I saw her snag) and settling into her enclosure. My male is going ga ga over her too! If she was not gravid already, I don't imagine she will stay that way for long!



Hey Tyler, Got him right on time, awesome chameleon. Thanks

-Jason & Traci

PS. He already ate, good signs


Mr. Stewart: FYI: at 9:15 a.m. (cst) this morning I received the Sambava male and, as expected, he is gorgeous (!!) and looks to be in great health. Although it took him a while to regain his wherabouts, he is in one of our outdoor enclosures climbing around. I haven’t seen him take any of the crickets or worms yet or drink any water, but I’m sure he will in a bit. Thanks again for the great service, packaging and Sambava. He will be replacing one of my other sires (who looked just like him!) and I’m sure he will do just fine!

Mr. Stewart: Actually, just after I wrote that e-mail, I went up to check on him and watched him gulp down 3 large crickets!! No worries!! After he goes through his “quarantine”, hopefully, he’ll be breeding with one of the females. Thanks again!



Thanks for your quick response. I went to your website and found the answer yesterday. I must congratulate you for the ease of use of your site and the valuable information it contains on the care of chameleons. Thank you.



Thank you so much... I look forward to buying from you again...Thanks for the great deal on the price...I see that they are expensive. Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July.



Hello, I just received the shirt I ordered for my dad and I wanted to thank the people involved with sending it. It is FANTASTIC! Last September my dad and I went to the Sacramento convention and he saw the shirts and really wanted one, but didn't have enough cash on hand because he had just bought me my tortoise for my birthday. When he sees this shirt on Sunday I know that he is absolutely going to love it! Thank you so much. I have only the best of words for Blue Beast Reptile and will definitely recommend you to all my fellow reptile lovers.



They're here! All is well! That one male is a beauty! Nice! Got a kick out of the ice pack as it is coooooooold here! Bet you'd like me to send you some!?? Thanx again, Tyler! Much appreciated! Keep me posted on any chams, ok?



Hello Tyler, He arrived safe and sound about an hour ago. He is in great condition, and is everything I hoped he would be. I'm very happy with the purchase. Many thanks,



I've seen him in what I call his sleepin cloths, and yes he as lots of yellow. His day time colors are starting to come out as well. He is very good looking, looks a lot like a captive I have. Thanks for caring enough to write again, I appreciate it. You did a good job I wouldn't know him from a captive, except he's so shy. I had another wild caught before, he was very rough looking. Thanks for everything, I'll be doing business with you again.



Hi Tyler, I just wanted to let you know that I did receive the cage and I am very happy with it. Thanks a lot for all your help!



Hey Tyler, I got the chams in today. They look great. I am very pleased with them. I have a question regarding feeding them. I like put the food in trays because its easier to maintain. Do you think they would learn to eat out of the tray? Thanks,



Hi Tyler, I recieved my veileds. Thank you, they are perfect.



Tyler, I just wanted to let you know the cages arrived today and they look great, I like the handles. I'll probably order some more next month. Anyway, thanks again and take care.



Hey, Tyler. Nice! Really nice!! Thanx sooooo much! Everything went fine. Our UPS guy is a dellght and he left package next door for me with a note on our door. So, got 'em unpacked, and let them run around the place a little and then fed/watered all. The only one that hasn't eaten yet is the smaller female. Larger one ate four 1/2" crickets! Male ate two. He is the cutest li'l guy! Naming 'em: (girl thing!)

-Mary, Marilyn and Monte Merusome. :>)


Home now with them and have them set up for the night in their cages. Seems okay. Will do some setup fine tuning tonight, watch them tomorrow and proceed from there. Wondering if the larger female might be gravid . . .? Anyway, all is well that ends well as my mother would have said. Thanx again and let's keep in touch!



Hello, I just wanted to take a few minutes and send you an email. We purchased a female Ambilobe Panther Chameleon from you at the recent Tinley Park, Illinois NARBC show. I just wanted to let you know that she has been doing absolutely fantastic and I definitely could not have been happier with my purchase! She is a spectacular chameleon and shows a ton of pink and blue coloration which I am surprised to see on a female. I never knew females could be this colorful! I've seen females in the past that were a nice pink or orange color but never anything that actually displayed blue bars! She has also been eating like mad and has a voracious appetite. She has grown quite a bit in the short three weeks since we brought her home and has already gone through a shed. I am extremely pleased with the quality of this animal and definitely look forward to purchasing more chameleons from you in the future (hopefully I'll be picking up a gorgeous male Blue Bar Ambilobe from you)! Thank you again for the wonderful chameleon!



They have arrived and look great! Thanks, and we will keep you posted. Regards,

-David & Laura


Tyler, They arrived today, they seem to be very healthy, they are eating crickets and drinking water, and moving around the cage. Appreciated your attention and professionalism. Looking forward to do buy other chameleons from you in the near future. Thanks a lot,



Tyler, “Mr. Blue Sky” has arrived and looks great! He has been climbing around on the ficus, in the ivy, and on the jungle vine. He started turning blue within 20 minutes of being in his new home—we think he likes it. He ate two crickets (how cool is that to watch!!) and has been drinking water drops from the ivy. My son is ecstatic beyond belief! He loves his new chameleon. Thank you again for sending us such a beautiful chameleon and for taking such care in shipping him to us. We’ll send you some pictures soon. I will be in touch about the shirt. I figure we’ll order a couple too so we will all three have one—they are pretty neat too! Talk with you soon!



Happy Tuesday Tyler! It is for me because I got the little girl and she is adorable. What a little attitude too. She looks very healthy. She's already snacking and drinking. Thanks so much!



Tyler, He arrived this morning right on time (10:34 to be exact). Packaging was excellent, by the way. Boy, did he want out of that box! He's a beautiful little guy and he got right to exploring his new home. He was munching crickets only a few minutes after and is happily basking now. Thanks a ton for a great chameleon and for answering all of my questions throughout the process. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to my fellow keepers. I've attached a quick pic I snapped of him. I'll be sure to send you an update once his colors come in. Thanks again for everything! Your super happy customers,

-Kyle & Amy


Tyler, My female laid 29 bright white eggs a little over a week ago, fathered by my male you sold me, and they all apear to be fertile! I really appreciate the great animal and the excellent service you have provided. He is a great animal and I am very pleased with his coloring. He is so gorgeous and he is only 10 months old! Thanks!



Hey Tyler, the little guy arrived today and looks great. I'm so excited. It was so hard to keep myself from looking at him all day but I made myself leave the house to avoid temptation. About an hour after he arrived he shed and later in the day he ate some crickets. I think he'll be fine. Thanks so much again for everything and I am very pleased. PS: I saw from your website that your trying your hand at Parsonii. Wow. Good luck!



Hi Tyler! I just got them settled in. They are entirely too cute, and look just fine. I love the shirt and the book too! Thanks so much for everything. The little Ambanja girl that I got from you earlier is big enough to go into a big cage now, she is growing like a weed. Have a good week. I will let you know when I get the cages. Bye!



Tyler, Perfect - thanks a lot. I will probably get a Sambava you think would be a good match for the Loki male I just bought from you. He is doing great. Didn't skip a beat straight out of the box.



Tyler, We received the chameleon yesterday. He looked in excellent condition. His colors looked really good and he was pretty active. When I opened the container he was in, he started climbing right up my arm. Amazing grip for a little guy. I put him in his cage and he explored for a few hours. This morning we found him sleeping in one of the plants. So far so good. Thanks again.



Tyler, At first when I received the new male, he looked so dull and colorless. That's when I found out that he was about to shed his skin... After shedding, I was shocked to see him fired up, he is so gorgeous! The red is so bright... He is really a screamer. Thanks!! I attached a picture of him, sorry the file is huge

-Chun Yee Poh


Tyler, They are awesome! Arrived perfect and seem to be flourishing...I'll keep you posted with some pics. Have a great holiday and thanks again for all of your help!



Tyler, Hi there. Wanted to let you know I did get the cages on Friday. Got them all set up. They sure are a super product. The little Sambava girl is doing very well too. She is in a big cage with a Mafana girl her same size. That male that I got from you has really developed his colors during the last couple of weeks. He really changed after his breeding activity with the mature Sambava female I got from another breeder. Now he really has a magnificent yellow/orange color when he fires up. It was not nearly as bright before breeding. Thanks again for everything!



Tyler, Thank you for such a nice chameleon for $250. In this business it is hard to find someone with high ethical standards such as yourself. I hope to breed her in the future with a male I have recently purchased from another breeder. Of course her name will have to be Valentine! Thanks again and I will let you know how she does.



Tyler, I figured you'd like to see some pics of how Loki 2 is turning out for me. I couldn't be happier. I ended up changing his name to "Jokton." He's pretty much a carbon copy of his dad. You saved me a couple bucks by rejecting my offer on Loki and sending this guy my way instead. He's a killer. Also, the two girls you sent my way from Dylan have both produced a clutch for me so far and look like they're about to lay their second from the same breeding. I cant thank you enough for this trio.



Tyler, Sorry I haven't replied, I just got home from school. She has arrived and is very healthy and looks great! Thank you for the quick shipment. I am very happy w/her. She attacked my hand, well, my finger, and bit it. Ha ha! Thanks again.



Tyler, Hi there! Just wanted to update you on the panther pair we got from you back in April. They're breeding now and she just laid 28 bright white eggs! We're new to this, but your help got us through and we couldn't be happier! They are both eating from our hands and the male drinks water from a bowl. I'll attach a picture of them with this e-mail. Thanks a million!



Tyler, They arrived this morning and look GREAT! The Loki male is fat and active, and the Zeus male has colored up so early I can't believe it! Both have eaten and had a good misting. These are A+ animals, and I'll surely be a return customer. Thanks!



Tyler, We received the chameleon this morning. He arrived safely and looks great! He moves fast compared to my veiled chameleon. Thanks.



Tyler, The cage arrived this afternoon, and I threw it together when I got home from work. It's EXACTLY what I was hoping for. I raise two subspecies of jacksons; xantholophus and merumontanus, and I've had a lot of luck keeping trios in densely planted enclosures exactly this size. I live on the Southern California coast, and they really thrive in this climate year round. Unfortunately, the very frequent misting they get takes a toll on the wood-framed cages I have used, and they wear down rather quickly. So given all that, this cage will really fit in well. Also, I'm very happy with the way the door was designed. Thanks again for the quick order fulfillment. I'll be pestering you again for another one shortly, and I will send photos as soon as the new dwellers are moved in tomorrow. Thanks!





Tyler, Good Day! I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that the gorgeous little female I received from you folks a few weeks ago has mated with my fiery red/yellow male Sambava, and between his excellent colors and your beautiful female I am expecting some outrageous babies. Thanks again. I have never seen such a pretty female, her health, temperament and demeanor is just outstanding. You folks produce top notch specimens and provide outstanding service. I couldn't be more pleased!



Tyler, I got them and I must say that they've exceeded my expectations. Especially "Loki 2." He's a killer animal already at 10 months. I'll let you know how the acclimation goes over the next couple of days, but I don't anticipate any problems whatsoever. Once again, I couldn't be happier.





Tyler, He arrived this morning in great shape! He ate a stray cricket that was in his cage not even 5 minutes after I put him in it. I'll let you know if I have any problems. Thanks again.





Hey Tyler, Just wanted to let you know that the Ambilobes arrived alive & well. The pictures you had of the male did him no justice at all. Damned! He's absolutely stunning!!! And the female is beautiful as well. You have got yourself one very happy ladyfriend in NC. Thanks again,





Tyler, Oh my God! She is bigger than I expected. She was in excellent condition when I first open up the box... She immediately cling onto my fingers with a forceful grip!!! She started roaming her enclosure and feed within minutes!!!! She is great.... Thanks!!!!

-Chun Ye Poh




Tyler, Hello, I have been searching extensively through the internet trying to find a wonderful breeder of Panther Chameleons, after tons of dead links, really crazy websites with nothing to offer, and poor quality / colored Chams pictured for sale, I found you guys! Whew! I am impressed with your site, your animals, and your friendly attitude. Looking through your incubating page I found some babies I would love to be updated on as they hatch and grow.





Just wanted to let you know that the package arrived and that all the occupants looked lively. Jeers to the USPS but cheers for BlueBeast Reptile! Thanks,





Tyler, I got them today, THANK YOU. They are exactly what I needed! (and who can complain with a freebie!). Do you always have prices this good? Or was it a special deal? I don't like the way most people put the cultures together in those stupid vials for the same price as these, so I usually make them myself, but you have to get new ones now and then as I am sure you know... I have a few people I'll send your info too also, thanks!





Tyler, He arrived here at about 10:30am. He is sooo adorable and adjusting very quickly. He was asleep in the towels when I opened the box, but as soon as I brought him close to his cage, he couldn't get in there fast enough. He has been climbing all over checking things out. Thanks for the fruit flies. They don't sell them any where around here. I will highly recommend you to anyone I hear of that is interested in getting a chameleon and I will definitely be calling you back when we decide to get another.





Tyler, Got them - all are alive. Thanks Tyler for following up. I have dealt with quite a few vendors when it comes to animals, feeders, and supplies. By far you are the most professional. Thanks again.





Tyler, Thanks again for your kindness and for such a beautiful creature! We will surely do business again should we decide to expand our chameleon family. :-)





Tyler, I got the custom cage yesterday and just finished putting it together and moving him in. It's perfect. Thank you again for all your efforts and for following up.





Tyler, The female panther has arrived this morning. She was much bigger than my male and he is 4 months old. She also has great color, it was worth it.





Tyler, I wanted you to know that the fruit fly package arrived yesterday, New Years eve. Thank you Tyler, for the great surprises! These containers are HUGE! I can see activity in all of them too. All my previous fruit fly cultures were little bitty pill bottle size. Anyway, I'm very pleased, but I feel I should warn you..... These gestures of good could cause you to be swamped with business!





Tyler, Hey what's up, I'm the guy who bought those 2 panthers a couple months ago. I just wanted to tell you that they are awesome! We have both of them eating out of our hands. I will e-mail you when I try to breed them because I have no idea what I am doing! Thanks again.





Tyler, The panthers got here and are doing great. Very pretty females. I am very pleased. They are both relaxing at the moment, and since I had the day off, I decided to make a new home for both of them. You obviously care well for your chameleons and have no worries, they are both in great hands. The girlfriend loves them already. I will shoot you a picture of their new home really soon. I will keep you posted and plan on picking your brain to death shortly. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks for being honest and helpful. It's nice to see that you actually care about your chameleons and are not just a breeder. I will hollar at you really soon. Thanks again.





Tyler, I just wanted to thank this site for having such in depth information on our friends – the panther chameleons. I wish I had found this site first in my quest of gathering knowledge about these animals. Anyway, thank you.





Tyler, I want to thank you again for calling me and for taking such great care in your animals. Most wouldn't do even half of what you have done before shipping out anything and this to me just shows that you care very deeply for the welfare and health of your animals. You are a very good example of what we all should strive for in the pride of our animals and in the customer care that we should give pre, during, and post. I hope to do business with you in the future! Again, I want to thank you for your concern and care of a very special animal that you will be intrusting me with. It is really nice to know that there are others in this business that truly care about their animals to be concerned about where they are going and who will be caring for them.





Tyler, thank you so much for showing such concern for the well being of an animal you are selling. Not many breeders would be so thorough with an animal that has been sold. Thanks again!