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  1. Absolutely perfect

    Posted by Emily Coletta on 12th Jul 2018

    There was a bit of miscommunication all around to get my little tort baby to me, but everyone at TS was so attentive and took initiative to resolve it quickly and smoothly.

    The sweet lil tort arrived this morning, looking healthy and so so cute. Right out of the box they were moving, eating, and exploring their new home. Can't wait to watch them thrive and grow. :)

    My only complaint is being at work right now and not being able to go home and take 1000 pictures of the cutie.

    Thank you so much, TS! Will recommend to anyone who expresses interest in getting a tortoise.

  2. Incredible Experience- Healthy Baby

    Posted by Scott Stange on 29th Mar 2018

    As a first-time keeper, I ordered my baby Russian, and it got to me fast and healthy. Man, the little dude is so active and spunky. It's been about 5 months since getting it, and it continues to grow at a quick pace, and seems to be thriving, which shows that these babies are started off well.

    Thanks for everything, Tyler and Sarah!

  3. Amazing baby tort

    Posted by Alexis Carpenter on 29th Sep 2016

    I already had one juvenile russian tort (also from that I love so so much & decided to build a much much larger enclosure to be able to house a second russian tort. My baby russian arrived before 10AM and he/she was so energetic (and hungry) right out of the box!! After a good soak he/she immediately ate some dark leafy greens & Mazuri :) Could not be happier with this new addition!!!

  4. Thank you!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Aug 2016

    Thank you so much to Tyler for all your help with my purchase and to Sarah for picking an extremely personable, active, and inquisitive little guy. I love him/her :-)

  5. Very Pleased

    Posted by Eric on 12th Aug 2016

    I'm very pleased with my little baby tortoise. It only took one day after I ordered for him to get here (I live fairly close to Las Vegas but still a state away) and he arrived in great condition. He seems to really like the habitat I built for him and he's very active and eats the spring mix I provide him. I was very nervous ordering a pet through mail because I have read horror stories about other breeders but I'm happy to say Tortoise Supply will deliver a good healthy tortoise for you.

  6. So happy with my new family member

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Apr 2016

    Thank you so much for my new Russian tort. This is the first night home and she seems to be acclimating well. Upon arrival she was alert ,feisty and ready to explore. After a soak and poop :) she ate well then continued exploring. I can tell this is a passion of yours and I thank you for taking good care of these beautiful creatures . Five star:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  7. my baby Russian tortoise

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Nov 2014

    It was a little bit of a slow start for my guy but now that he's had time to adjust he is thriving. Eating every day. Very friendly little guy. Sara was wonderful to talk to and i highly recommend tortoise supply. I couldn't be happier!

  8. Love my new baby Russian Tortoise!

    Posted by Richard Preziosi on 17th Sep 2014

    I received my tortoise about a week ago, (Sandy) we named him/her. Such a friendly little one, was very active right out of the box. Of course first thing was a nice long 15 min soak in water after the long trip from Nevada, then a tour of the enclosure :) I had search the internet for almost 4 weeks reviewing all possible breeders/sellers before finally making a very easy decision to purchase from Tortoise Supply. Very reasonable prices, quick response to any questions I had & a breeder who really cares about their animals. I will surely purchase from them again!

  9. Couldn't be happier.

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jul 2013

    We received our baby Russian Tortoise on Tuesday morning. It was a little sleepy but perked right up after a bath and explored its new habitat. It is so tiny and couldn't be any sweeter. Very excited to have a friend for our older Russian Tortoise, which we adopted. I will be purchasing from Tortoise Supply again and definitely recommend them!

  10. Great service and great tortoise

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2013

    I just got my baby Russian tortoise a couple of days ago and when I got him I expected him to be sleepy and not as active in the first day, but to my surprise he was an active and was very interesting in exploring around his new home. The delivery was excellent and I was super anxious to get him. Thank you for everything and my new lil guy.

  11. Excelent customer service

    Posted by Irene on 14th Jul 2013

    I ordered a baby Russian last week and it came on time a little sleepy but perfect and packed safely. It is doing fantastic, and I know that it is because of the great start it got from Tyler and family. Thank you for all you do and for your excellent customer service.

  12. Excellent

    Posted by HappyCustomer on 12th Jun 2012

    I highly recommend Tortoise Supply if you are looking for a healthy and happy baby Russian tortoise. I ordered a baby Russian tortoise and it arrived on time and in excellent condition, a truly beautiful specimen.

  13. IN LOVE

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Dec 2011

    I recently bought a baby Russian as a Christmas gift for a friend. He came a little sleepy from the trip, but within an hour of arrival was eating and moving actively around! Needless to say, I fell in love and wish he was mine now! So adorable. So healthy. Couldn't be happier! Thank you!!

  14. Great shipping, great tortie, less than great communication

    Posted by Emmu on 25th Oct 2011

    Pistachio came on the FedEx truck today. He was sleepy and stiff, but after a few minutes in warm water he perked up, drank, even took some lettuce within 10 minutes. His his enclosure he is active, alert, and interested in his surroundings. All around, a wonderful tortoise and a great shipping experience.

    However, I did have questions and concerns for the breeder, which I sent in an email. It was not responded to by the next day (with the exception of an email confirming what the arrival date would be). I eventually founds answers and fixes to my problems from other places on the site.

    Overall, though, this is still a place I would return to for tortoises!

  15. * FANTASTIC *

    Posted by Don & Tami S. on 9th Sep 2011

    Our baby russian arrived alert, happy and healthy. He quickly took some fresh greens, enjoyed a brief soak and explored every inch of his new digs (we also purchased one of the wonderful tortoise tables that are available on this site). You may not know what to expect when ordering your tort through the mail, we surely did not, but the breeder is very helpful and will take care of ya - our experience with Tortoise Supply has been aces and I can heartily recommend them. If you're fancying a new and special addition to your family, indulge. You won't be disappointed! Our packages were sent with care and our little russian is an amazing little fella. He's very calm, friendly and curious. My wife loves her anniversary present! Thanks, guys.

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Common Name: Russians Tortoise
Scientific Name: Agrionemys Horsfieldii
Current Size: 2" +/-
Average Adult Size: 6-8" (females larger)
Area of Origin: Several countries between Eastern Europe and Western China

Description: Light brown and olive color with dark brown bands around each scute of the shell. These tortoises are probably the most "different" of the Testudo type tortoises. They are almost completely rounded when viewed from above, which probably is to help them spin around when underground in burrows. They tend to be somewhat flattened on top, without much of a "dome."

Habitat: Mediterranean tortoises, these animals live in grassy meadows and scrubland where they come and go from their burrows in order to maintain the ideal temperatures. They do hibernate naturally, and will hibernate in captivity if proper conditions are given. As adults, they can safely handle body temperatures as low as 35 degrees during hibernation, and on cold spring, summer or fall months, they will retreat underground to maintain some warmth. Summer highs up to 110 degrees can be tolerated as long as there is a cooler, underground retreat the tortoise can get into. In hot climates, they will spend much of the summer days in burrows or simply buried under an inch or two of earth. They can dig in and bury themselves in a matter of minutes, and will often do it several times a day in soft sandy substrates. 

Diet: This tortoise is naturally a browser, eating broadleaf weeds and low leaves from bushes and shrubs. In captivity, Russian tortoises will graze on leafy weeds, dandelion, clover, and most other leafy greens provided to them. Vegetables can be added to the diet for variety, but fruit should generally be avoided or given as no more than 5-10% of the diet. 

Adult Behavior: Adult Russian tortoises are active, busy tortoises when the temperatures are in their ideal ranges (55-90 degrees). They are usually un-aggressive towards eachother in most cases, and can be kept in small groups. The mating habits can create some problems as males will occasionally bite at the females to subdue them, and sometimes will ram at each other to establish dominance through the ranks. Most will eagerly come to their keepers looking for food once they are comfortable in their environments, and they will pile on top of each other in order to get at the food first. They are good climbers and will make attempts to escape, so perimeter fences should be buried at least 6-12" underground, and sidewalls 12-16" above ground will normally contain them. 

Our Current Care:  During cooler weather or indoors, these tortoises are kept indoors on a cypress and/or coco coir substrate with a humid hidebox that they can get into at night. We raise them in cheap, simple plastic tubs that can be purchased at WalMart or Target, generally 3 to 4 square feet in size for babies. Temperatures in the room fluctuate between 75 at night up to 85 during the day, but we keep the hidebox heated to around 80-85 at night with a heat pad beind it, or a red bulb placed overhead.

Diet consists of spring mix greens with many other leafy greens offered in rotation to that (mulberry, endive, grape leaves, hibiscus leaves, diced cactus pad and we use globe mallow leaves pretty regularly). We like to also add moistened Mazuri LS tortoise diet as well as ZooMed's Gourmet Tortoise Food a few times a week, usually mixed and mashed into the leafy greens. The addition of the commercial diets take care of most or all of the supplementation needs, or you can sprinkle the food lightly with a calcium supplement 2 or 3 times a week and a multivitamin supplement 1-2 times a week. We also throw a pinch of our herbal hay on top of whatever they are eating almost daily, which adds variety and flavor and scent to everything.

The tortoises are removed from their enclosure and soaked in a separate 1/4" deep pan of warm water daily or almost daily for 30 minutes each time. We don't generally use water dishes in the enclosures because of the risk of drowning (yes, we have lost babies to drowning when they flipped over in 1/4" of water).

Being a desert species, they should have intense lighting, and they need lights on during the day and off at night to maintain a normal day/night cycle. We use full spectrum UVB lights, which we suggest for the growth of pretty, healthy tortoises, and use a ZooMed Powersun bulb in a small part of the enclosure to give them a "hot spot" around 95-100 degrees that they can get into if they want to warm up.

We don't use the "closed chamber" method (keeping airflow very restricted to increase humidity to the point that clouds form in the enclosure). It is very risky if/when temperatures get below about 80, and mold, shell rot, and respiratory problems become a lot more common in those conditions. We keep them open top in the warm area, and enclosed, warm and humid within the hide (like they would be in the wild). They are free to choose the conditions, temperatures, and humidity levels they want within that setup. 

For more detailed information, Click Here to see the article we prepared for Reptiles Magazine.