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  1. Fantastic place to buy a tortoise!

    Posted by Luiz Quiroz on 15th Aug 2019

    I love my new Russian tortoise! He arrived yesterday happy and healthy. I gave him a little soak and he started to explore his new enclosure. He loves cucumber so I decided his name should be Mr. Pickle. Thank you Tortoise Supply for the outstanding service.

  2. Wonderful art.

    Posted by Ninakae from Oregon on 20th Jul 2017

    Our RT arrived today at 4pm in perfect health. First think he did was drink lots of water while I had him soaking. In fact I thought he was going to drink all his soak water up. Afterwards I put him on the ground where there was a huge mass of dandelions he ate right away. So obviously the shipping trip wasn't bothering him. He is beautiful with a few old scrapes on his shell which I expected but very healthy and friendly. Ty so very much.


    Posted by Marco Mandujano on 2nd Oct 2016

    Its been 5 months since i have gotten my male tortoise and hes doing great, he arrived quickly, healthy and immediately started eating. He was shy at first but he's definitely improving.
    When i get another tortoise it will definitely be from here!

  4. Couldn't be happier!

    Posted by Cassie and James on 15th Feb 2016

    It has been almost 1 year since we got our Russiam Tortoises, Olivia and Chip, and they seem to be loving their new home. Olivia is a bit more active and friendly than Chip, but they both seem happy none the less. Shipping was right on time and the service we recieved was excellent. I would definitely recommend any buyer looking for tortoises to order from here. Thank you guys so much for the addition to our family!

  5. The arrival of Capt. Hector Barbossa!

    Posted by Morbidia Schleppenphal on 4th Aug 2015

    When I opened the box, Hector was awake and ready to get out and explore. After his bath, he started eating right away! He continued to eat and sleep for a couple of hours. We are all very, very happy with Capt. Barbossa...Thank you so much Tyler and Sarah!!!

  6. Vladislava the Magnificent

    Posted by Big Daddy Coconut on 29th Jan 2015

    Got my Russian Tortoise today and she is perfect. Everything about this purchase was awesome. Within 24 hours of hitting the purchase button she was on my doorstep. Her average speed on her journey here was about 158mph. (yea i know she's fast). She looks absolutely adorable and shes slowly but surely warming up to her new home. Thanks so much Tyler, Sarah, and Kids! I will certainly be back again and will strongly recommend you to others!

  7. Great tortoise great price

    Posted by Sylvia on 10th Jun 2014

    I have wanted a tortoise for years and I finally decided I was going to buy one. I looked around trying to find the cheapest price with the best quality and I had to look no farther then tortoise supply. You can tell they genially care about these animals. Norbert ( my new tortoise ) came right as scheduled packed safely. As soon as he was out of the box he had a nice soak and started to eat right away. He was very curious about his new tortoise table and has been very active since. Also they have VERY good communication and work hard to fix any problems. His shell was amazing no bumps really at all. Would recommend to anyone!

  8. The best place to get your tortoise!

    Posted by Gabriela S. on 18th Mar 2014

    I received Forest, with a request for Saturday delivery. He was here by 10:30 a.m. I expected him to be shy and not want to eat for a couple days, but he exceeded all my expectations. He was active since I removed him from his very well packaged box. He also came with a very healthy appetite. He is friendly and outgoing he likes to have his rubbed. Today I took him to the vet, and even the vet was pleased with his overall demeanor and health. He was tested for parasites and he had none whatsoever, not even eggs. This something that can be a real concern when purchasing a tortoise from other places. I will get any future tortoises from Tortoise Supply. Thank you!


    Posted by Unknown on 8th Mar 2014

    I received the package right on time and the tortoise immediately started to com out and walk around in his cage. He also ate soon after arrival, I could not recommend tortoise supply enough!

  10. Repeat Custumer and another Great Experience!!

    Posted by Lisa Anderson on 16th Jul 2013

    This is my 2nd tortoise purchase, the first one being a sulcata. After the first experience I knew where my future torts would come from. So here I am again and received a beautiful, active Russian. This is definitely THE PLACE to get YOUR tortoise from!!!!

  11. Amanda Melanie

    Posted by Rhonda Palmer on 19th Mar 2013

    I just had to write and say how happy we are with the new addition to our family, Amanda Melanie, the Russian Tortoise. Amanda arrived in Kodiak, AK from Las Vegas last Wednesday and right on schedule with the overnight delivery as promised (although we are an island off the coast of mainland Alaska in the Pacific Northwest). Not only was her arrival timely but she was healthy, well packaged, and absolutely beautiful. After a couple of days of acclimating to her new home she happily began feeding directly from our hands. She has a sweet and outgoing personality.

    Also, I must add that the customer service and communication prior to receiving our tortoise was excellent. I can not thank Tyler and Sarah enough for the excellent care and service that was demonstrated during the entire process of purchasing our tortoise. Thanks so much.

  12. Great Tortoises!

    Posted by R Braswell on 11th Sep 2012

    These tortoises are great! I bought Dmitri and Anushka in June, they've adjusted well and are very friendly and healthy. My husband calls them my attention-loving children :) I plan to expand our 'family' very soon!

  13. Skata

    Posted by Unknown on 14th May 2012

    I got Skata within two days of ordering her. She was a ittle shy bit warmed up after a day or two. She is now very happy and is exploring her new surroundings

  14. Nadia and Svetlana

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Sep 2011

    My tortoises arrived in January. Nadia hissed at me once. Now they come running when I go out there with food--climb on my feet to get to it. They are darling, healthy and very smart.

  15. Mojave the Tortoise

    Posted by A (E) - Huie on 15th Sep 2011

    I received my amazing tortoise just one day after ordering him. He is the best pet ever! It only took him two days to adjust to me and his new home, and now he is happy, active, and very friendly. I enjoy everything about him and he seems to enjoy living here!!! I love my new Tortoise and I love Tortoise Supply! I can never thank them enough!!!

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Common Name: Russians Tortoise
Scientific Name: Agrionemys Horsfieldii
Current Size: 4-5"
Average Adult Size: 6-8" (females larger)
Area of Origin: Several countries between Eastern Europe and Western China

Description: Light brown and olive color with dark brown bands around each scute of the shell. These tortoises are probably the most "different" of the Testudo type tortoises. They are almost completely rounded when viewed from above, which probably is to help them spin around when underground in burrows. They tend to be somewhat flattened on top, without much of a "dome."

Habitat: Mediterranean tortoises, these animals live in grassy meadows and scrubland where they come and go from their burrows in order to maintain the ideal temperatures. They do hibernate naturally, and will hibernate in captivity if proper conditions are given. As adults, they can safely handle body temperatures as low as 35 degrees during hibernation, and on cold spring, summer or fall months, they will retreat underground to maintain some warmth. Summer highs up to 110 degrees can be tolerated as long as there is a cooler, underground retreat the tortoise can get into. In hot climates, they will spend much of the summer days in burrows or simply buried under an inch or two of earth. They can dig in and bury themselves in a matter of minutes, and will often do it several times a day in soft sandy substrates. 

Diet: This tortoise is naturally a browser, eating broadleaf weeds and low leaves from bushes and shrubs. In captivity, Russian tortoises will graze on leafy weeds, dandelion, clover, and most other leafy greens provided to them. Vegetables can be added to the diet for variety, but fruit should generally be avoided or given as no more than 5-10% of the diet. 

Adult Behavior: Adult Russian tortoises are active, busy tortoises when the temperatures are in their ideal ranges (55-90 degrees). They are usually un-aggressive towards eachother in most cases, and can be kept in small groups. The mating habits can create some problems as males will occasionally bite at the females to subdue them, and sometimes will ram at each other to establish dominance through the ranks. Most will eagerly come to their keepers looking for food once they are comfortable in their environments, and they will pile on top of each other in order to get at the food first. They are good climbers and will make attempts to escape, so perimeter fences should be buried at least 6-12" underground, and sidewalls 12-16" above ground will normally contain them. 

Note: These adult Russians tortoises are originally wild caught and imported. Because of this, they have some minor dings and scratches in their shells and aren't all cosmetically perfect. There will be no major problems (no missing toes, no missing eyes, etc). We have run them through a preventative round of de-worming, but they should still be quarantined from existing collections until they are more well established in captivity.

For more detailed information, Click Here to see the article we prepared for Reptiles Magazine.