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  1. Very happy!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Aug 2012

    My kids got their redfoot today, the little tortoise is very curious and my kids are very happy. She had something to eat and drink as soon as we put her in the habitat. A+ for tortoise supply. If we get her company it would definitely be from this site.

  2. In love already, I highly recommend Tortoise Supply

    Posted by Kathy on 31st Jul 2012

    I recieved my RedFoot this morning, I unpacked her and she had a little dip and drink in her pool. I put her in her Tortoise tub where she had a few bites of food and then went straight to her hide for a nap. After about an hour she came out and has been exploring her new home for the last couple of hours. She is not at all shy, she is very friendly and lets me rub her everywhere. We are both very happy and I am so glad I chose to buy from you! Thank you so much for our new Tort!!!

  3. Satisfied!

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jun 2012

    When I ordered my baby redfoot I was SO excited for him to come. Only problem was that in the middle of the night when I was tracking my order, my tortoise ended up in Tennessee and I'm in California! Needless to say when he finally got here (6 hours late) he wasn't very happy. He didn't eat and just wanted to go to sleep. It took him a few days to finally really eat something though he had been munching every so often the days before. He is now completely comfortable with myself and my boyfriend since we're the ones who take care of him. Overall he is an awesome little guy and tortoise supply deserves 5 stars since it was fedex's fault he came late!

  4. Adorable Redfoot & Cherryhead babies delivered by Santa

    Posted by Sharon Francz on 26th Dec 2011

    Our hatchlings arrived a couple of days before Christmas just PERFECT! We live in Ohio, so I was worried about the temperature. Luckily, it was a mild day because they drove around in Santa's Fed-Ex truck from 8AM until 3PM! When my boys opened them, they were alert and hungry. They were sitting on a little "heat pack" and after a warm soak and meal, they went back to sleep in their new habitat. Sarah was awesome fielding all of my questions/concerns!

  5. Couldn't be more happy!

    Posted by Sarah on 2nd Sep 2011

    Hi. I just wanted to let you know my little sweet baby Redfoot tortoise arrived about 9:30AM all perfect..I put him in his soak of warm water & after that he went exploring his new digs he will share for a short while with my baby Sulcata. He is very curious & alert..& cute as can be!Thank you so much for making these adorable little creatures available to us. I will love him forever!

  6. recieved 3 months ago

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jul 2011

    I got my baby red foot three months ago. I received it one day earlier than planned and taco came out of his container alert and curious. I take it outside to "play" everyday while it is warm. It loves to eat and absolutely loves having its head rubbed. I am thinking about getting a second one so taco can have a friend. I was very happy with the whole process.

  7. Flawless

    Posted by Eric Polaski on 29th Jun 2011

    I received my baby redfoot this morning right on time. Upon taking him out of his packaging he immediately perked right up and wanted to stretch his legs. After a quick drink he was right back to walking! I'm glad I purchased from tortoisesupply because Tyler definitely knows his stuff. Beautiful animal

  8. Arrived Today!!!

    Posted by Ben & Kevin on 17th May 2011

    Our two baby red foots arrived today. Very exciting. UPS took until 5 to deliver but other than that we are happy. They are already very active and look great.

  9. Tortoise Supply is the Best!

    Posted by kelly martens on 22nd Jan 2011

    I have had my two red legged torts for two years. I got them in Feb. 2009. They arrived in their heated styrofoam dishes and were fine. They have gotten very big and are great pets. They love to eat. They love spring mix especially the raddichio.They are friendly and curious. I live in South Carolina and in the summer they live outside. They do well here because of our high humidity. In the winter I bring them inside.They are great pets and are a joy to own.

  10. After 3 years, a happy healthy medium.

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Dec 2010

    Healthy tortoises grow faster than you think they will. My two went from 3 inches to 9 in just under 3 years. They just moved (again), into a 6 foot by 8 foot wood, tile and EPDM pond liner. PLEASE remember that red foots are NOT a small species, and if you house them primarily indoors they WILL outgrow the available tortoise tables and Rubbermaid storage bins before you know it. With that caveat out of the way, red foots are an absolute delight.

    Mine are as acclimated to the house schedule as my 4 Shih Tzu dogs, and they share the "run of the house" several hours each day. It didn't happen overnight, but my red foots are bold and assertive in this environment. They know the location of every floor vent in the houses heating system, and will NOT hesitate to share (or even evict) the dogs that enjoy them too. We call it "venting". They WILL follow us and beg for more "Salad Du Jour" whenever they are hungry, and they are hungry every waking hour that doesn't involve a scheduled "soak and poop". They don't have any interest in physical affection, but they absolutely have their own agendas and expect us to provide for it on demand.

    It is easy and inexpensive to feed them well. For every spendy spring-mix or mango they eat, there is another dandelion bunch or prickly pear pad from the yard. Prickly Pear cactus thrives and multiplies like MAD in my garden, and I live in Portland, Oregon!

    These tortoises have easily met equipment requirements as far as heating and UV light, and they can far more interactive and enjoyable than one might assume. But if you treat them right, they will grow quickly and then quite possibly outlive you.

    Fantastic experience I wouldn't trade for anything!

  11. Healthy Happy Hatchling!

    Posted by JManzana on 2nd Dec 2010

    I received my lil one on Tuesday morning. Once I soaked him/her, he/she was ready to eat. Very healthy, very alert, and very curious. Didn't once try to hide back in the shell and once in it's enclosure, was very curious to explore. Very pleased with my baby and highly recommend you to anyone and everyone. Thank you!

  12. I love my baby Redfoot!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Nov 2010

    I've had my baby red foot for just over 2 months and he's doing very well even getting bigger! I would order from you again! The only problem I had and it wasn't you fault, UPS didn't make him him a priority. I live in California only about 4 to 5 hours away from you, and he first went to LA (which is 2 to 3 hours away from me) and it said he was out for delivery there at like 3am then he got to our local UPS and went out for delivery at 8am and didn't arrive here till noon. I thought he would have been their first delivery, but he rode around on the truck for 3 more hours. So he looked a little lethargic at first. I just soaked him and made sure he ate and sat with him on the grass in the sun. He is doing really good now!

  13. Loving Life in Alaska

    Posted by Keith Asbury on 7th Oct 2010

    I received my two baby red-foots last February, and they are still loving life. It was incredible to see the way they were shipped over-night from the folks at Tortoise Supply (Bluebeast Reptile at the time), in "heated containers". They took to life in the habitat I had built for them, and they have enjoyed eating all sorts of fresh produce, as well as their feed pellets. Very fun pets.

  14. Beautiful healthy tortoise!

    Posted by Kari in MN on 7th Aug 2010

    I have had my baby redfoot for about a month now and he arrived healthy, alert and hungry. I highly recommend this supplier!

  15. Cute!

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2010

    This website is very helpful! I think I'm gonna get a redfoot.

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Common Name: Redfoot Tortoise
Scientific Name: Chelonoidis Carbonaria
Current Size: 2"+
Average Adult Size: 12-14"
Area of Origin: South and Central America; Few Carribbean Islands

Description: Black shell color, usually with yellow highlights in the centers of each scute of their shell, which are present from hatching (the black color grows in with age). The skin is black, with bright red spots on the front and rear legs. Head color varies between specimens and localities, but is generally black skin with red or yellow scales present mostly on the top of the head. Males generally are a bit more colorful than females. We consider them "watermelon" shaped; somewhat elongated and rounded, no matter which angle you're looking at them from. Males usually have a narrow waistline (hourglass shape) when viewed from above, although this isn't always the case.

Habitat: Naturally these tortoises exist in a wide variety of habitats, from grassland to jungle, almost all with moderate to high humidity and moderate temperatures. They can handle variable amounts of humidity in captivity once grown, but babies should be kept humid to ensure proper smooth growth. They do not hibernate, but will go through a winter slow down period during cooler weather and shortened daylengths. As adults, they can safely handle body temperatures as low as 45 degrees at night as long as they are able to heat up into the 70's during the day. Summer highs up to 100 degrees can be tolerated as long as there is a cooler, shaded retreat the tortoise can get into. Moisture is not a problem in warmer temperatures (a cool mud hole on a hot day), but in cooler weather and on cold nights, the tortoises should be kept dry.

Diet: This tortoise is naturally a browser, and will wander about munching on broadleaf plants and fallen fruit the majority of its natural life. They are known to eat meat in the wild, seen eating dead animals, worms and snails. In captivity, redfoot tortoises will eat almost anything well, such as leafy weeds and clover (dandelions are a favorite), fruit, vegetables and they love Mazuri tortoise diet.

Adult Behavior: Adult redfoot tortoises are interactive and curious tortoises. They are usually unaggressive towards eachother and can usually be kept long term in mixed-sex groups. They are not damaging to their environment, rarely digging holes or burrows. Most redfoots will eagerly come to their keepers looking for food once they are comfortable in their environments.

Our Current Care:  During cooler weather or indoors, these tortoises are kept indoors on 2-3" deep moistened coco coir substrate with a humid hidebox that they can get into at night. We raise them in cheap, simple plastic tubs that can be purchased at WalMart or Target, generally 3 to 4 square feet in size for babies. Temperatures in the room fluctuate between 75 at night up to 85 during the day, but we keep the hidebox heated to around 80-85 at night with a heat pad beind it, or a red bulb placed overhead.

Diet consists of spring mix greens with many other leafy greens, fruit and veggies offered in rotation to that (mulberry, bell pepper, apple, pear, melon, mango, papaya, endive, grape leaves, hibiscus leaves, and diced cactus pads). We like to also add moistened Mazuri tortoise diet as well as ZooMed's Gourmet Tortoise Food a few times a week, usually mixed and mashed into the leafy greens. The addition of the commercial diets take care of most or all of the supplementation needs, or you can sprinkle the food lightly with a calcium supplement 2 or 3 times a week and a multivitamin supplement 1-2 times a week. We also throw a pinch of our herbal hay on top of whatever they are eating almost daily, which adds variety and flavor and scent to everything.

The tortoises are removed from their enclosure and soaked in a separate 1/4" deep pan of warm water daily or almost daily for 30 minutes each time. We don't generally use water dishes in the enclosures because of the risk of drowning (yes, we have lost babies to drowning when they flipped over in 1/4" of water).

Being a tropical species, they don't need intense lighting, but they need lights on during the day and off at night to maintain a normal day/night cycle. We use full spectrum UVB lights, which we suggest for the growth of pretty, healthy tortoises, and use a simple spot bulb or ceramic heat emitter for heat in a small part of the enclosure to give them a "hot spot" around 90-95 degrees that they can get into if they want to warm up.

While these tortoises prefer higher humidity levels (60-90%), we don't use the "closed chamber" method (keeping airflow very restricted to increase humidity to the point that clouds form in the enclosure). It is very risky if/when temperatures get below about 80, and mold, shell rot, and respiratory problems become a lot more common in those conditions. We keep them open top in the warm area, and enclosed, warm and humid within the hide (like they would be in the wild). They are free to choose the conditions, temperatures, and humidity levels they want within that setup.