Herbal Tortoise Hay - 1 Pound

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  1. Wish I found it sooner!

    Posted by Toni J on 26th Jul 2019

    I was looking for variety for my Russian Tortoise's diet. I live in the middle of nowhere and variety is hard to come by and my thumb isn't exactly green. A few people in my Russian Tortoise Facebook group referred me here and hot dang! My tort, Gareth, came crawling out of the dirt like a zombie from Night of the Living Dead as soon as I opened the bag! He loves it so much I feel like a terrible tort owner for not buying it sooner! Will definitely be buying more of this!

  2. Best Yet for my Salcuta Shelly

    Posted by Tara Eisenhauer on 16th May 2018

    This is a great mix, in the colder months when I can't get what I want from outside this is a fantastic substitute! and she loves it :)

  3. Even smells lovely

    Posted by Heather Perkins on 13th Dec 2017

    I bought this to try it out for my Russian, Svette. I put it on her food in the morning as a topper. She seems to enjoy it. The hay has a very nice aroma smell to it too, so even if Svette didn't turn out to like it, it could be used a potpourri!

  4. AMAZING!!!!

    Posted by Destben on 27th Nov 2017

    This product is amazing. My baby Leopard Tortoise is a picky eater and doesn't like calcium added to her food, but I add a little pinch of this herbal blend and he/she eats it like its his/her favorite calcium and all.

  5. Fabulous!

    Posted by Joanne on 29th Jul 2016

    When I opened the bag, the smell was so wonderful I immediately wanted to make it into a cup of tea! I love the fact that there is a wide variety of goodies in here, and because it is dry it keeps very well. My torts get this either dry or soaked and they love it. My bearded dragon likes to eat this soaked, and my uromastyx prefer to eat it dry. So it's not just for tortoises, any herbivorous or omnivorous reptile will love this stuff. A little goes a long way. It's very convenient and it would be very difficult for me to reproduce the variety that comes in this blend. I will definitely be getting more of this.

  6. The Next Best Thing to Natural Graze

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jan 2015

    Just mix with chopped greens an presto, A nutritious salad fit for any Tortoise Species!! Gives them lots of overall plant variety. A Home Run in my Book!!

  7. My new must-have!

    Posted by London on 9th Jun 2014

    As the jelly-legged, greenhorn owner of a baby leopard tortoise (Magnolia) I've been on the hunt for something to ensure that my baby girl will grow strong and healthy. This hay is perfect and more than worth the price, if compared to say, an herbal tea, which is about $6-7 an ounce and not near as varied in ingredients!
    My baby took about two minutes to sniff it and seemed disinterested, but as I moved it to her regular feeding dish she RAN after it. The addition of the herb had her finish all of this day's offering of clover and dandelion, while she typically only eats half her (large) offered helping in a day, and after her usual nap she moseyed about the enclosure with much more interest and vigor than usual. Even as just an appetite stimulant/garnish, I'm very impressed, and if able will report back in a few weeks time with the changes in her growth and behavior.

  8. A new favorite!!

    Posted by Lisa L. on 25th Sep 2013

    My tortoise, Cecil, absolutely loves this herbal hay!! As soon as it was made available I ordered it. I have a 3.5 month old Ibera Greek tortoise and I'm always concerned about making sure he gets as much nutritional variety as possible. Cecil started eating this "salad topper" as soon as I added it. He is eating more enthusiastically than ever before now! So far I have only used it in it's dehydrated state sprinkled on top but he seems crazy for it. It smells amazing and looks like it has a wonderful variety of ingredients in the mix. The 8 oz. quantity is much more than I imagined it would be and it's very lightweight so a little goes a long way. I love that this mix is specifically designed for tortoises--it is definitely something I will be feeding on a regular basis! Thanks for another great product, Tortoise Supply!!


A blend of 18-20 dehydrated leaves, flowers and herbs ideal for a tortoise's diet and digestive process. Put together here at Tortoise Supply with the help of a botanist friend of ours, this is the perfect way to add variety in the diet of a tortoise that is mostly kept on a "grocery store greens" diet. Our mix has no hay, no grass, and in our trials, has nothing in it that most tortoises won't eat. Being dehydrated, there is no "water weight," so for the weight, it is a LOT of food (see photo above with only 2oz of our hay next to a baby tortoise). Used best when sprinkled on top of a normal greens diet, our herbal hay will be a much appreciated addition to the every day routine for your tortoise. The roughage and high fiber content is perfect for a tortoise's digestive process. Most adult tortoises will eat it straight out of the bag, but we generally suggest to mix it in with the foods your tortoise is already eating. We aren't sure there's anything that smells better! 

This "herbal hay" can be used dry or rehydrated by soaking it in water prior to use. Either way will be very beneficial for supplemental "topping" use in a tortoise's everyday diet. 

Unfortunately, due to the costs of many of the raw ingredients, the price is what it is. Other comparable blends are packed with "filler" grasses and hays. Ours is not, we used no cheap fillers. Quality ingredients are expensive and many of the items we wanted were very hard to track down. 

*We are not posting a list of our ingredients in this mix. As we learned with our seed mixes, our competition was eager to copy our "formula" with the seeds as they would be with this. Rest assured that the ingredients are all beneficial and safe to tortoises and can be used in everyday diets. We hired a botanist and a nutritionist both to ensure this was the most complete diet like this for a tortoise specific diet.