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  1. So Adorable!

    Posted by Dylan on 1st Nov 2017

    My wife and I used to have a couple tortoises in the past, and after having to part with them due to a tricky landlord, we were wanting another tortoise. We decided, after visiting a local reptile store, to get a baby greek tortoise.

    I had done a lot of research and settled on Tortoise Supply (rather than the local reptile store due to their less than ideal conditions for their pets) because of their very positive reviews and presence on the tortoise forums. Plus, Las Vegas has a lot of sun, and I presume these babies get their vitamin D fix.

    Our tortoise arrived exactly when we expected. He (or she) was shipped via overnight UPS that arrives before 10:30 AM, so plan accordingly. He arrived in perfect condition, and we had prepped well in advance with an enclosure and setup. He had a nicely shaped shell, and after owning him for a week, has always eaten and moved around actively. I'm sure he will grow into a large (for a greek) and healthy tortoise.

    Our enclosure, based on Kamp Kenan's suggestion, is a large 21 gallon concrete mixing tray, with coconut coir as the substrate. We added a paving stone for the basking area, a basking light set at about 95-100 F, separate warm and cool humid hides, a food dish out of a planted pot saucer, and a water dish. We mist down the coconut coir once a day and our tortoise tends to burrow himself under it once he is ready for bed (usually after being awake for ~7 hrs or so).

    100% I'd recommend Tortoise Supply. They kept me up to date on the shipping and we have both enjoyed our new pet. Thanks again!


    Posted by Kristine on 23rd Sep 2016

    I was very nervous to buy a tortoise online, especially with all the 'shady' dealers out there. I am so happy I trusted this site. I ordered my Greek in the evening and had it by 10 am the next day in PA in excellent condition. The tortoise is very healthy and active and adorable. The price and the service were well worth it. I definitely recommend this business and Greek tortoises are so easy to care for.

  3. Exceeded all hopes and expectations!! :)

    Posted by Lisa L. on 28th Jun 2013

    Over the last few months I have done extensive research to decide on the perfect captive bred baby tortoise for me. I happened upon the Tortoise Supply site along the way and was immediately impressed with how much information I was able to learn there. I started Emailing all my questions and each one was answered quickly and thoroughly. Before long I realized that the best, most reliable information was to be found at Tortoise Supply. With Tyler's help I finally (finally!) decided on an Ibera Greek baby as being the most appropriate tortoise for me. I continued to fire off questions and he continued to patiently help me work through all the details. When I finally placed my order I felt confident that I could provide a good home for my baby tortoise. When my baby arrived I was super impressed by how carefully he (she?) was packaged and by how beautiful and healthy he appeared. Very soon he was exploring his enclosure and eating well. I'm becoming more attached every day!
    This whole experience has been fun, educational, and rewarding. Thank you so very much, Tyler, for all your help and for my beautiful, adorable tortoise!! :)

  4. Beautiful Tortoise

    Posted by Elaine on 14th Feb 2013

    The tortoise came on January 22nd, and i was very pleased with the delivery. Living in upstate New York, it is always very cold and snowy, but the little guy was still warm! He (or she) is still pretty shy, but is getting friendlier. This certainly is a beautiful tortoise, thank you Tyler!

  5. Amazing

    Posted by James on 6th Feb 2013

    On January 24, 2013 i received my second Ibera and she has unbelievable personality already,she's very active and a great eater for a little gal.Anybody looking for a quality animal must buy here grade A+++++ place to buy.Thanks guys

  6. Very Healthy

    Posted by Christie on 24th Jan 2013

    My baby Ibera Greek Tortoise arrived 2 days ago, and though he was a little slow from getting a little chilly (we live in Nebraska), he warmed up fast and started eating and drinking. He's a very active little guy! Tyler and Sarah did a wonderful job!

  7. Awesome Little guy

    Posted by James on 29th Dec 2012

    Perfect shell,very active,eating right out of the box!Thanks guys

  8. Tortoise Supply is the BEST place to buy a Tortoise

    Posted by on 28th Dec 2012

    I love my baby Greek tortoise from Tortoise Supply. She is my first tortoise and I feel lucky I bought it from Tortoise Supply because they have all the solid information you need to care for a tortoise. U will find that care information on the same breed of tortoise varies from source to source and U don't know what to believe. U can believe everything Tortoise Supply says because they bred the beautiful tortoise you have. Peace of mind! And they answer emails if u have a question and they are nice people. Get a tort! It's easy!

  9. The best christmas gift, ever

    Posted by John on 28th Dec 2012

    Recently got little cornilieus for christmas. He is very active and started to eat right out of the box.

    Thanks Tyler-


    Posted by A-Trix on 4th Dec 2012

    I got Cookie today and She is FREAKING beautiful! I completely Recommend this website to anyone who Wants a tortoise

  11. I love BOOTS

    Posted by Kyler on 6th Nov 2012

    today i got my baby greek tortoise in the mail and she as well was deliverd upside down but as soon as i picked her up she was fine thanks for the amazing new tortoise, Tyler

  12. I love my new tortoise!

    Posted by Paris on 7th Jun 2012

    A few weeks ago I purchased a baby greek tortoise. He was sleepy when he first arrived, but he's a baby. It happens. He has so much energy and is very fun to watch! Tyler was great with answering my questions in a timely fashion. I definitely recommend!!

  13. Awsome

    Posted by Ed on 30th May 2012

    This tortoise is really smooth. He came in 2 day of ordering. Delivery was rubbish. he was delivered up side-down, but we got him out and he was real cool and cute. thank you.

  14. Excellent as always

    Posted by Dan on 14th Oct 2011

    I've bought several tortoises from Tyler over the past year and a half. I have been extremely pleased with every purchase.

  15. Beautiful Tortoise!!

    Posted by Michael D. Jaumotte on 4th Oct 2011

    Thank you so much for the great tortoise!! He/she is very pretty and running laps around its table! Keep up the great work!

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Common Name: Greek Tortoise
Scientific Name: Testudo Graeca Ibera
Current Size: 2"+/-
Average Adult Size: 6-9" (females larger)
Area of Origin: Mainly Turkey, and surrounding areas

Description: Light greenish brown color with brown to black bands around each scute of the shell. They are somewhat of a high domed tortoise, and most Greek tortoises maintain a "glossy" looking shell through life. As babies, these Greek tortoises look very similar to baby Hermanns tortoises, but with generally lighter colored heads than baby Hermanns have. 

Habitat: Mediterranean tortoises, these animals live in scrubland and Mediterranean forests where they come and go from their burrows in order to maintain the ideal temperatures. They hibernate naturally, and will hibernate in captivity if proper conditions are given. As adults, they can safely handle body temperatures as low as 35 degrees during hibernation, and in cold spring or fall months, they will retreat underground to maintain some warmth. Summer highs up to 110 degrees can be tolerated as long as there is a cooler, underground retreat the tortoise can get into. In hot climates, they will spend much of the summer days in burrows or simply buried under an inch or two of earth. 

Diet: This tortoise is naturally a browser, eating broadleaf weeds and low leaves from bushes and shrubs. In captivity, Greek tortoises will graze on leafy weeds, dandelion, clover, and most other leafy greens provided to them. As babies, we focus more on feeding them a wide mix of leafy greens (spring mix). Vegetables can be added to the diet for variety, but fruit should generally be avoided or given as no more than 5-10% of the diet. 

Adult Behavior: Adult Greek tortoises are active, busy tortoises when the temperatures are in their ideal ranges (60-90 degrees). They are un-aggressive towards eachother in most cases, and can be kept in small groups. The mating habits can create some problems and they sometimes will ram at each other to establish dominance through the ranks. Most will eagerly come to their keepers looking for food once they are comfortable in their environments. They can be good climbers and will make attempts to escape, so perimeter fences should be buried at least 6-12" underground, and sidewalls 12-16" above ground will normally contain them. 

Our Current Care:  During cooler weather or indoors, these tortoises are kept indoors on a cypress and/or coco coir substrate with a humid hidebox that they can get into at night. We raise them in cheap, simple plastic tubs that can be purchased at WalMart or Target, generally 3 to 4 square feet in size for babies. Temperatures in the room fluctuate between 75 at night up to 85 during the day, but we keep the hidebox heated to around 80-85 at night with a heat pad beind it, or a red bulb placed overhead.

Diet consists of spring mix greens with many other leafy greens offered in rotation to that (mulberry, endive, grape leaves, hibiscus leaves, diced cactus pad and we use globe mallow leaves pretty regularly). We like to also add moistened Mazuri LS tortoise diet as well as ZooMed's Gourmet Tortoise Food a few times a week, usually mixed and mashed into the leafy greens. The addition of the commercial diets take care of most or all of the supplementation needs, or you can sprinkle the food lightly with a calcium supplement 2 or 3 times a week and a multivitamin supplement 1-2 times a week. We also throw a pinch of our herbal hay on top of whatever they are eating almost daily, which adds variety and flavor and scent to everything.

The tortoises are removed from their enclosure and soaked in a separate 1/4" deep pan of warm water daily or almost daily for 30 minutes each time. We don't generally use water dishes in the enclosures because of the risk of drowning (yes, we have lost babies to drowning when they flipped over in 1/4" of water).

Being a desert species, they should have intense lighting, and they need lights on during the day and off at night to maintain a normal day/night cycle. We use full spectrum UVB lights, which we suggest for the growth of pretty, healthy tortoises, and use a ZooMed Powersun bulb in a small part of the enclosure to give them a "hot spot" around 95-100 degrees that they can get into if they want to warm up.

We don't use the "closed chamber" method (keeping airflow very restricted to increase humidity to the point that clouds form in the enclosure). It is very risky if/when temperatures get below about 80, and mold, shell rot, and respiratory problems become a lot more common in those conditions. We keep them open top in the warm area, and enclosed, warm and humid within the hide (like they would be in the wild). They are free to choose the conditions, temperatures, and humidity levels they want within that setup.