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Low-starch tortoise diet is a commercially available tortoise diet in a pellet form that we use as a supplemental diet for many of our tortoises. It can be used either mixed in with their staple food(s), or served plain. It was created for the grassland type tortoises (sulcatas, leopards, hermanns, russians, greek torotises, etc) which require slightly lower amounts of protein and higher fiber in their diets. 

Tortoises less than 10" in straight length should be offered food that has been moistened to make eating easier. We typically soak the pellets in water for 60 seconds, drain it, and serve. The food will soften up over the next few minutes after this. Tortoises larger than 10" in size can typically eat the pellets dry without a problem, but will eat moistened ones also. 

This food can be stored up to or over a year from the purchase date. There is no expiration date, and we have not noticed any deterioration in its quality in timeframes that long. Food that we ship is generally less than a month old. This is an excellent food to keep on hand for the winter months, or for the occasional week or so that you can't offer your tortoise fresh green foods. This food is handy and affordable to keep as a backup plan. 


  • Complete nutrition - No vitamin or mineral supplementation needed.
  • High fiber level and Low Starch - Grass hay based diet.
  • Contains natural vitamin E.
  • Natural source antioxidants – No ethoxyquin.
  • Extruded pellet form - Minimizes wastage and creates a more natural feeding environment.
  • Contains live probiotics cultures - May enhance development of GI tract.
  • Contains yucca shidigera extract - Shown to reduce aerosol ammonia in animal facilities.*


Product Form:  Extruded pellet:  1/4" x 1/2" length.


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Crude fat not less than
Crude fiber not more than