Seed Mix: Dry-Climate Browsing Mix - 5 oz.

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  1. As Expected

    Posted by Keith Lewis on 26th Mar 2017

    The seeds are strong and promptly sprouted up here in Astoria, OR. Only complaint I have is both bags broke open during shipment. Last time I ordered from Tortoisesupply this didn't happen. Great product from a great company!


Mixture of grasses, clovers and medics chosen to do well in areas of high temperature and low rainfall. This mix will grow in areas with 12" to 24" of annual rainfall, so some irrigation will be needed in the more dry climates.With this "browsing" mix, the plants are intended to be eaten by the tortoises up off the ground a few inches. Because of this, it's best to keep the tortoises away from this area until the plants get some height to them. Eating it as it grows in doesn't allow the plants enough time to get their beneficial leaves out in order to be "browsed." This is a good general mix for the testudo tortoises which will pick and choose the preferred plants for the day, and the added leaves will be a welcome treat for the grazing species like leopards, stars and sulcatas.

We use about 1 oz of this mix for every 60 square feet of enclosure space.

For a similar mix with no grasses, see our Broadleaf Testudo Mix, Clover Mix or Dry Climate Clover Mix.

*Some of these seeds are nitro-coated to aid in seed germination.