Seed Mix: Broadleaf Testudo Mix

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  1. Fantastic!

    Posted by KL on 3rd May 2023

    I sprinkled some seeds in their enclosure when it was scheduled to rain later that day, just to see what will happen. In 3 days, the seeds sprouted! Super happy with the product, About a month in, I am seeing pretty flowers that came up and it is great knowing all these plants/weeds are safe for the tort. No gardening knowledge is required. Very good pricing for the amount of seed you get even with shipping cost!

  2. My babies love it... when it grows

    Posted by Tom Cass on 4th Sep 2021

    Every other seat I bought in from here I've had no problem getting to sprout up in my yard but these after seeding the yard with an entire bag I got maybe half a dozen Little Sprouts. My tortoise is absolutely love those little sprouts I just wish there were more of them.

  3. Both my Russian tortoise and my bearded dragon absolutely love it!!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Nov 2020

    Oh my goodness, where to start? When I saw the bag of seeds, I was not sure that I got a good bang for my buck. But boy was I wrong. I sprinkled a few seeds in a pot and placed it in front of the window on my desk. Not expecting much but was so surprised when the plants were popping up within 3 days. And there were a lot. I have since started planting them in a 1 foot by 2 and 1/2 foot planter box on my desk. They grow fast and well without any supplement light other than from the window. I trim off a handful and mix them in with the collard greens, mustard greens and such that I get from the store. But she often picked out these plants first. Also my bearded dragon absolutely loves them. I put them in his high side food dish along with roaches or superworms. Of course he picks out the insects first but then he just devours the green. I just planted my third time and I can hardly tell that I have used any of the seeds in the bag so yes I got a big bang for my buck. Definitely recommend and I will definitely be purchasing again.

  4. Happy Baby

    Posted by Sharon on 17th Oct 2020

    Amazing mix. Surprising how fast this grows. I’m growing this in a pot as well as the enclosure. My baby Sulcata loves it. I see him grazing on it often. I will definitely be ordering from this site again.

  5. A beautiful mix

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Mar 2020

    I've grown this mix both indoors and outdoors in pots (renting in the Midwest) to supplement my Russian's diet. They crop up fast! What I didn't expect was how pretty the blend can be - I got some cosmos in last summer's mix, and it was a delight. I recommend this mix to just about everyone. My tortoise adores it.

  6. my torts love it

    Posted by Randy Casey on 29th Sep 2018

    Planted the tesuto mix it was up in less than a week my redfoot and hermanns love it

  7. Best Testudo broadleaf seed mix!

    Posted by Katie B. on 19th Jan 2018

    I have planted and grown this seed mix for several years now in the Pacific Northwest. It grows very well, some of the plants naturalize and come back the next year. My tortoises love it, and I am very impressed with the wide variety of flowers, herbs and weeds that grow form this mix. I end up with 10-12 months of tortoise food from these seeds.
    I would gladly recommend this seed mix to other tortoise keepers.

  8. Best seed mix I've bought

    Posted by Joseph Lantican on 26th Sep 2013

    First all, I want to thank Tortoisesupply for having one of the greatest customer service I've received from online purchasing! They hooked me up w/ extra seeds and they are very understanding. Well lets get started on the Item. The seed mix is awesome! It grows quick and my tortoise loves them! Only down side is, it doesn't grow fast enough for them to regenerate so my tortoise eats them all before they fully grown. I tried to Keep them away and close of that part of the enclosure but there is no way of keeping them out! THEY ALWAYS FIND A WAY! Ill order some more seeds when i figure out a way to close out a certain area of my enclosure so the plants got time to grow. ^_^ Thank you so much for giving me an extra batch of seed on the house. You guys are awesome!

    Ps. Sorry for the late review. Bough the item bout 3-4 months ago i think =P

  9. Awesome Seed Mix

    Posted by Melissa B. Wisconsin on 23rd Mar 2012

    Got my seed mix today was really impressed with the quantity of seeds you get for the price as well as the quality of the seeds! You can tell by looking at the mix that this is going to grow an awesome assortment of plants for my lil Greek to enjoy! Top Notch!


A blend of 24 broadleaf plants and clovers. This is a great mix for the Mediterranean tortoises (Russians, Greeks, Hermanns, etc) or those species that just don't care for grasses. This mix has no grasses in it, and does well in warmer climates without a huge amount of irrigation (similar to the conditions most Testudo experience in the wild).

*Some of these seeds are nitro-coated to aid in germination.