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    Posted by Hung N. on 10th Aug 2012

    Just received my little Sulcata Tortoise today from fed ex.As I open him up he immediatly became active and alert! Didn't even need to put him in a shallow plate of warm water. *phew* So relief!He came in a excellent shipping box ^_^! I'm overwhelmed with joy and excitement as I watch my Sulcata adapt to his new home.Customer support is fantastic, couldn't ask for any better of a breeder!I will definately do buisness again!

    Thanks Tyler for all your help!

  2. Mercedes

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jun 2012

    I got my baby this morning. She is so cute! I put her in warm water and she woke right up and was walking around. money well spent!

  3. Love my baby!

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2012

    I got my baby Sulcata about 3 months ago, he is by far the sweetest, cutest pet I've ever owned! He's still barely 2 inches long but he's growing fast and he eats a lot- loves fresh grass. I can't wait until he gets HUGE!

  4. I cant wait either

    Posted by Starr B. on 20th Jun 2012

    I saw russian tortoises in petco about a month ago ... Ever since I've wanted one, I was doing so much reseach to find baby tortoises and they are just great little guys... I'm 13 and have 6 aquatic turtles and I am VERY excited to get 2 of the Sulcata Tortoises. I just started saving money to buy the babies and I'm confident of taking great care of them. So far I had trouble doing research but if some one could tell me...Hoew do i keep from Kyotes and snakes from harming them.

  5. Healthy Baby!

    Posted by Heather Call St Augustine Florida on 7th Jun 2012

    He's gorgeous and the packaging was awesome. We had one for years and still miss him. Love watching this little dude grow!

  6. love my tortoise

    Posted by Matt on 19th Apr 2012

    my tortoise is now 3 and is about 10 pounds he eats like a animal i want another one for my b day enjoy them while there babies and xtremly cute becasue they dont stay small for long but that doesnt matter because u wont stop loving it. they get huge if ur going to get one and think you might not like it dont buy one because getting one and getting rid of it is so wrong

  7. Total Quality Tortoise Service

    Posted by J.C. from Fort Myers, Florida on 14th Dec 2011

    I have to say that I was very impressed with the overall experience of purchasing a baby Sulcata tortoise from Tortoise Supplies.I just received my baby tortoise this morning after getting excellent overnight shipping as advertised.The great packaging ensured a safe trip for the baby tortoise from Las Vegas to Florida.After carefully opening the small box, I proceeded to dip the baby tortoise in lukewarm water which brought him to life immediately.Within the hour the little one was feeding and wandering all over his new enclosure.My stepsons love it! What quick service, great price, and lightning fast delivery.Thank you for the early Christmas present!


    Posted by Andrew Hache on 29th Nov 2011

    Just got a sulcata tortoise for my b day and she is so cute!!!!


    Posted by Unknown on 25th Oct 2011

    im getting one for my moms b-day tomorrow and it is just in time for it to come in now tyler had all the patience with me and help because i pressed the ground shipping instead of overnight and cant wait to see it. i made a great choice getting one from you and will buy again thanks.

  10. The greatest gift

    Posted by Jennifer Toland on 4th Oct 2011

    We got a sulcata in feb of 09 he is getting big healthy and my 4 children and I love him more than anything...we are even considering getting another. We highly recommend going threw tortoise supply to get your tortoise! Thank you guys

  11. My First Pet

    Posted by Robbie on 19th Sep 2011

    I recieved my tortoise a day late, but that was only because of the hurrican in my area. I love my little Doozie and am looking forward to buying him a new friend. This site is very good and the prices beat all other sites I have been to(pet stores near me dont sell tortoises).

  12. Baby Bowser my Sulcata!

    Posted by Amber on 10th Sep 2011

    he arrived at around 10am today!He was a bit slow to start but is now enjoying his home and roaming around :) He is such a cute little guy thank you Tyler! I was a bit worried about online purchase of live animals but my tortoise arrived in the best of health from Las Vegas to Texas!Highly recommended!

  13. Arrived at 9:00 a.m. this morning.

    Posted by Billy T. from Houston on 21st Jun 2011

    Baby sulcatas arrived today. They are awsome,active,and exploring their new home. I cant wait for them to grow. I saw one one last year on the koi pond tour in Houston and just had to have one then two then three. This company was great to deal with and very helpful. I will definately do business here again. Thanks Tyler.

  14. cant wait

    Posted by Unknown on 15th May 2011

    i cant wait to get one im 12 years old and i realy want one my mom said i can get one if i clean my room and save enough money i already have $67

  15. Tyler Stewart needs recognition!! A++++

    Posted by Greg on 3rd May 2011

    I got my baby sulcata on the 25 of April. He was delivered in perfect health and condition. I've done extensive research on different breeders throughout the U.S and Tyler has come up #1 every time! You can tell he's not in it to become rich, but rather his love for tortoises... I compared his prices on everything, even the products he sells, he was by far the cheapest yet, even cheaper than ebay. His customer support is fantastic, couldn't ask for any better of a breeder!

    Tyler, thanks again for all your help!

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Common Name: Sulcata or "Spur-Thigh" Tortoise
Scientific Name: Geochelone Sulcata
Current Size: 2" +/-
Average Adult Size: 22-32" (males larger)
Area of Origin: North/Central Africa

Description: Sandy beige color almost throughout their body, head and legs. Some will develop a darker "honey" color. Aggressive spikes on their front legs help them to dig and prevent being pulled out of their burrows backwards (which is nearly impossible to do). The "spurs" on their rear thighs between the tail and legs give them their "spur-thigh tortoise" name.

Habitat: Hot, dry climates. They can handle variable amounts of humidity in captivity, but naturally are from lower humidity areas. They do not hibernate, but will go through a winter slow down period during cooler weather and shortened daylengths. As adults, they can safely handle body temperatures as low as 45 degrees at night as long as they are able to heat up into the 70's during the day. Summer highs up to 120 degrees can be tolerated as long as there is a cooler, shaded retreat the tortoise can get into. Dampness is not a problem in high temperatures (a cool mud hole on a hot day), but in cooler weather the tortoises should be kept dry. As babies, these tortoises spend almost all their time in washes and underground in burrows, giving them a much more humid and moist environment than you picture the Sahara desert to be. 

Diet: This tortoise is naturally a grazer, and will wander about nibbling on grass the majority of its natural life. In captivity, sulcata tortoises will graze on grasses as well as leafy weeds and clover (dandelions are a favorite). As babies, we focus more on feeding them a wide mix of leafy greens (spring mix), since they have a harder time eating the more tough grass. Vegetables can be added to the diet for variety, but a focus should be on leafy greens and grasses. Fruit should generally be avoided.

Adult Behavior: Adult sulcata tortoises are interactive and curious tortoises. They can be aggressive towards eachother, particularly when two similar-sized adult males are housed together. Over time (and with careful watching by the owner), they usually develop a hierarchy and smaller males will assume a submissive role. Sulcatas are not aggressive towards people. They can be damaging to their environment, digging deep burrows to stay warm or cool if no shelter is provided. Most sulcatas will eagerly come to their keepers looking for food once they are comfortable in their environments. They can get impatient in small areas, so this is not a tortoise for the keeper looking for something that doesn't need space. When an enclosure is properly built for the tortoise, they are very enjoyable animals to keep.

Our Current Care:  During cooler weather or indoors, these tortoises are kept indoors on a cypress and/or coco coir substrate with a humid hidebox that they can get into at night. We raise them in cheap, simple plastic tubs that can be purchased at WalMart or Target, generally 3 to 4 square feet in size for babies. Temperatures in the room fluctuate between 75 at night up to 85 during the day, but we keep the hidebox heated to around 80-85 at night with a heat pad beind it, or a red bulb placed overhead.

Diet consists of spring mix greens with many other leafy greens offered in rotation to that (mulberry, endive, grape leaves, hibiscus leaves, diced cactus pad and we use globe mallow leaves pretty regularly). We like to also add moistened Mazuri LS tortoise diet as well as ZooMed's Gourmet Tortoise Food a few times a week, usually mixed and mashed into the leafy greens. The addition of the commercial diets take care of most or all of the supplementation needs, or you can sprinkle the food lightly with a calcium supplement 2 or 3 times a week and a multivitamin supplement 1-2 times a week. We also throw a pinch of our herbal hay on top of whatever they are eating almost daily, which adds variety and flavor and scent to everything.

The tortoises are removed from their enclosure and soaked in a separate 1/4" deep pan of warm water daily or almost daily for 30 minutes each time. We don't generally use water dishes in the enclosures because of the risk of drowning (yes, we have lost babies to drowning when they flipped over in 1/4" of water).

Being a desert species, they should have intense lighting, and they need lights on during the day and off at night to maintain a normal day/night cycle. We use full spectrum UVB lights, which we suggest for the growth of pretty, healthy tortoises, and use a ZooMed Powersun bulb in a small part of the enclosure to give them a "hot spot" around 95-100 degrees that they can get into if they want to warm up.

We don't use the "closed chamber" method (keeping airflow very restricted to increase humidity to the point that clouds form in the enclosure). It is very risky if/when temperatures get below about 80, and mold, shell rot, and respiratory problems become a lot more common in those conditions. We keep them open top in the warm area, and enclosed, warm and humid within the hide (like they would be in the wild). They are free to choose the conditions, temperatures, and humidity levels they want within that setup. 

For more detailed information, Click Here to see the article we prepared for Reptiles Magazine