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Health certificate to be included with your tortoise shipment. The typical vet health certificate is an external exam, general well-being check (healthy eyes, skin, shell, alert and strong). It does not check internal organs and does not check for parasitic infections (those tests are much more involved and expensive). Some cities or counties or states may require this health certificate prior to shipping, so we have the option available to those who want or need it.

Adding this to cart with your order will cover the costs of us getting a health certificate for those of you needing one, for whatever reason. To ship to Hawaii, all tortoise orders require this. For others, you can add this and we will run the tortoise to the vet and have it looked over prior to shipping. This is our cost on the health certificate; we aren't making money on this, and we are giving up our time to do this, so the price is not negotiable. 

Up to 3 tortoises can be covered under the same health certificate, so if you order 3 tortoises, a single health certificate will cover all three, etc. For 5 tortoises, you'd need to order two of these certificates (changed in 2021). 

Keep in mind, this will almost always add a delay to your shipping date, as we can't always take it in the same day or next day. We are at our vet multiple times a month for various reasons, and can run there and get these done, but not always within a day. 

Any other questions or clarifications, let us know!