Las Vegas Local Raw Honey - 1 Pound Bottle

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As well as tortoise keepers, we are also small-time beekeepers, and end up with honey from them in the summers. Our kids help with the care for the bees and the harvesting of the honey. The money they generate from honey sales is put towards their savings (we give them a small percentage for an occasional candy trip to 7-11 to help keep them motivated).

Straight from the neighborhoods and desert of Northwest Las Vegas, we keep gentle Italian bees which are great honey producers and are calm enough not to cause any problems working with them around our other pets. We also have hives outside of Las Vegas, foraging off of the raw Mojave desert (our honey is mostly a combination of these two locations). We extract honey in a stainless steel extractor and lightly strain it with a 600 micron filter to remove any wax cappings or impurities that end up in it. It retains the pollen and is a light yellow/clear color. Our honey is never heated (which helps in extraction, filtering, and bottling) after removal from the hive, maintaining all the natural goodness and health benefits that comes from raw honey. Essentially all commercial honey is heated up to help with this and to "sterilize" it, which destroys most of the health benefits at the same time.