Living World Timothy Toppings w/Flowers and Herbs - 17oz

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Living World Timothy Toppings with Flowers & Herbs is a complementary food that offers a mix of all natural ingredients that are free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. 

Aromatic flowers and herbs are blended with timothy hay to provide a medley of flavours and a good source of fibre that complements any small pet’s diet. A diversity of ingredients encourages natural foraging behavior.

A good source of antioxidants, Timothy Toppings with Flowers & Herbs is rich in nutrients to support health and wellness naturally. 

Our timothy hay is harvested when the plant is relatively immature (second cutting), a process that produces hay with a softer, finer stem and a higher leaf-to-stem ratio. 

Preferred by most small pets, timothy hay is lower in protein and calcium than the legume hays, such as alfalfa. It supports a healthy digestive system. 

Feeding Timothy Toppings is a tasty and nutritious way to keep your small pet’s palate satisfied. Size: 482 g (17 oz)