Forest Tortoise Starter Set

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We are often asked for a list of supplies someone would need to keep a tortoise. We decided to finally put together this page which would give a basic outline of what is needed, generally speaking, to keep a tortoise as far as supplies goes. This particular kit is one that we have put together to get someone going on keeping a young tortoise. This kit should ideally be ordered about a week prior to your tortoise to give you time to set it up properly prior to the tortoise getting to you. 

The package includes the following: 

ZooMed Mini Deep Dome Light Fixture
24" Flourescent Light Hood Fixture (for 18" bulb)
ZooMed Small Lamp Stand
18" ZooMed Reptisun 5.0 UVB Bulb
2-Pack ZooMed 50 Watt Basking Bulbs
Small Heat Pad (ZooMed or ExoTerra Brand)
Repashy SuperVeggie Supplement
ZooMed Forest Tortoise Food
ZooMed Tortoise Block
Brick of Coco Coir
8qt Bag Cypress Mulch Bedding 
ZooMed Maidenhair Fern Plant
PetTech Medium Rock Food Dish
Mini Hickory Hollow Water Bowl (shallow)
ZooMed Medium Habba Hut
ZooMed Thermometer and Humidity Indicator
24 Hour Basic Timer

*This kit does not include the cage itself. Since many people already have a cage or prefer to use a low cost plastic container, this kit includes everything you need but the cage. We have cage options available also as optional adds to the purchase.