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  1. Everything I dreamed it would be!

    Posted by Lamar Smith on 13th Sep 2014

    I always wanted a turtle and Moses is just what I got he came 24 hours later as promised and 20 minutes after opening the box he was up and around ready to eat and explore. This site is incredible and I recommend it to everybody who this pet i couldve have ask for any better

  2. Very cute, active, and fun to watch

    Posted by Cathy on 3rd Aug 2014

    We've had our little Rowan for a couple of weeks now. He's an active little baby and lets me rub his little head. Rowan is definitely a curious and active little one. His favorite food is mushroom, and Rowan's growing nicely. Tyler was absolutely wonderful and timely in responding to my questions. I love my little tort baby! Thanks!

  3. Harry turned 1 year old today

    Posted by John on 12th May 2014

    Our baby cherry head turned 1 today. He is perfectly healthy and well adapted to his new environment. I would describe his personality as stubbornly curious, and always comes running up to us looking for a treat. Thank you so much for our awesome new pet!

  4. Beautiful tortoise!

    Posted by Trent on 15th Mar 2014

    Leo came on time, perfectly packaged, and healthy. He is now eating a couple minutes after coming out of the box and is rooming with my red foot. Will buy from again

  5. Happy and Healthy

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2013

    Our little guy (or gal) arrived safe and sound! He had a soak, went to the restroom, and ate minutes after arriving. He continues to be happy and healthy, and we can tell he had a good start in the hands of Tyler and Sarah. We're always happy to support responsible and caring breeders.

  6. Baby Cherryhead tortoise

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Mar 2013

    I order my cherryhead with a baby hermanns tortoise. Recieved them very shortly after I order them. Awesome shipping the heat warmer inside the box was still warm. The tortoises are very active and healthy. Thank you so much Tyler and Sarah. Looking forward to buying more baby tortoises very soon.

  7. Tortoise Supply is the place to go!

    Posted by Ed on 10th Feb 2013

    Tyler is a knowledgable and patient business owner who takes the time to explain everything to new potential owners, before, during and after shipment. There is nowhere else I would go for my toritoise supply needs. My two Cherryheads are healthy and eating. Pennies a day to feed, and lifelong pets.

  8. Two Cherryheads for Pomona Reptile Show

    Posted by KathyThurow. on 13th Aug 2012

    I w net to the Pomona Fairplex, specifically to buy two Cherryheads from this company.
    I was very happy with the quality of all of their tortoises.
    I now own two healthy babies.
    Also, great website.
    Thank You!
    Kathy Thurow

  9. Great tortoise; great breeder!

    Posted by Winston on 16th Jun 2012

    I bought my first cherry head a couple months ago, and everything went so smoothly. Received a healthy baby, great communication, Tyler gave me great tips...i loved everything about this site.

  10. Awesome Baby CherryHead

    Posted by Valentine on 27th Feb 2012

    My wife gave me CherryHead for Valentine's Day and we named him/her Valentine. We are very happy with everything.

  11. looooooovvvvvve love

    Posted by my little Devo on 25th Feb 2012

    i just received my cherry head he is adorable i named him Devo he already started eating i love tortoise supply


    Posted by Dixie C. on 12th May 2011

    When I recieved our new baby cherry head tortoise, I opened the container and she was immediately friendly! Within 24 hours, she already recognises me and my daughter. A healthy, brightly colored little bundle of joy! We are very excited about her and look forward to lots of years of companionship with her. (we decided that it's a girl because she's so pretty and sweet, she's just has to be a girl)

  13. Healthy & Beautiful

    Posted by Becka on 26th Dec 2010

    My Husband bought me my Cherryhead for Christmas and I got to meet him/her on Christmas eve after spending two nights at my mother in laws. He/She has beautiful color, Seems very healthy, active, and curious. According to my Husband the transaction was smooth and he/she arrived safely and became aware after a warm rinse in the water.

    Thank you!

  14. Beautiful baby cherry head

    Posted by Thuan on 21st Jul 2010

    Received my baby cherry head this morning, she became alert and started eating veggie after i rinsed her a little bit of warm water. She is gorgeous and very active which make me happy, highly recommended !


Common Name: "Cherryhead" or "Brazilian" Redfoot Tortoise
Scientific Name: Geochelone Carbonaria
Current Size: 2"+
Average Adult Size: 9-12"
Area of Origin: Brazil

Description: Black shell color, usually with yellow highlights in the centers of each scute of their shell, which are present from hatching (the black color grows in with age). This type of redfoot tortoise is more contrasted than the standard redfoot tortoises. The skin is black, with bright red spots on the front and rear legs. Head color is generally black skin with blood red markings (instead of the normal orange or yellow scales present on standard redfoots). We consider them "watermelon" shaped; somewhat elongated and rounded, no matter which angle you're looking at them from.

Habitat: Naturally these tortoises exist in a jungle edge habitat with moderate to high humidity and moderate temperatures. They can handle variable amounts of humidity in captivity once grown, but babies should be kept humid to ensure proper smooth growth. They do not hibernate, but will go through a winter slow down period during cooler weather and shortened daylengths. As adults, they can safely handle body temperatures as low as 45 degrees at night as long as they are able to heat up into the 70's during the day. Summer highs up to 100 degrees can be tolerated as long as there is a cooler, shaded retreat the tortoise can get into. Moisture is not a problem in warmer temperatures (a cool mud hole on a hot day), but in cooler weather and on cold nights, the tortoises should be kept dry.

Diet: This tortoise is naturally a browser, and will wander about munching on broadleaf plants and fallen fruit the majority of its natural life. They are known to eat meat in the wild, seen eating dead animals, worms and snails. In captivity, redfoot tortoises will eat almost anything well, such as leafy weeds and clover (dandelions are a favorite), fruit, vegetables and they love Mazuri tortoise diet.

Adult Behavior: Adult cherryhead tortoises are interactive and curious tortoises. They are usually unaggressive towards eachother and can usually be kept long term in mixed-sex groups. They are not damaging to their environment, rarely digging holes or burrows. Most redfoots will eagerly come to their keepers looking for food once they are comfortable in their environments.

Our Current Care: These tortoises are currently kept on a moist and deep 2"+ coconut coir substrate with a pile of sphagnum moss on one end for them to burrow into and hide. We mist them heavily once a day about 30 minutes before feeding. Temperatures fluctuate between 65 at night up to 85-90 during the day. Diet consists of spring mix on a daily basis, with moistened Mazuri tortoise diet added a few times a week. We sprinkle the food lightly with a calcium supplement 2 or 3 times a week. The tortoises are removed from their enclosure and soaked in a separate 1/4" deep pan of warm water generally 3 days a week for 30 minutes each time. They do not need intense lighting, but they do need lights on during the day and off at night to maintain a normal day/night cycle. We use full spectrum UVB lights, which we suggest for the growth of pretty, healthy tortoises.